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Types of Brakes

Electric powered Brakes
electric powered brakes are categoried down into three essential kinds:

Anti-lock braking machine (ABS): this system has 3 primary additives – individual wheel speed sensors, a hydraulic actuator, and an electrical manipulate unit. They paintings together to forestall your brakes from locking up whilst you slam in your brakes or pump them in rapid motion. each of the wheels is managed individually, which does a super job of preserving traction.
advanced emergency braking gadget (AEBS): on this kind of machine, there are sensors that display how near a vehicle is to some other automobile or item; whilst this happens, an emergency braking mechanism is mechanically activated so that you don’t have a collision.
Brake-by-twine gadget: that is a machine of digital wires that send signals to the automobile’s computer every time the brakes are pressed. It measures the electric resistance first, and the computer calculates the applied force, applying it to the hydraulic pump gadget.
Emergency Brakes
The mechanisms which are used to control both the emergency brake and the parking brake are the same. The difference is within the way that the car responds while using each of these brakes. The emergency brakes are used to maintain a car from rolling from its spot whilst the auto is parked and to maintain from crashing if the normal brakes fail. In other phrases, emergency brakes are a backup degree for the uncommon occasion while some thing goes incorrect together with your principal brakes.
Hydraulic Brakes
Hydraulic brakes are operated via hydraulic strain, for this reason their call. they are a device primarily based at the principle of Pascal’s regulation, which states that after pressure is exerted in any a part of a restricted incompressible fluid, it’s miles transmitted equally in all guidelines, resulting in stress variations that live the equal. There are two most important kinds of hydraulic brakes, that are indexed beneath.

twin-circuit hydraulic brakes: consists of command circuits; one is activated while you practice the brakes, and the other is controlled by means of the automobile’s laptop and calculates the applied force before applying it to the hydraulic pump system.
single-circuit hydraulic brakes: this gadget has a grasp cylinder connected to numerous metallic pipes and rubber fittings which might be connected to the wheels’ cylinders. every wheel has opposing pistons on either a drum or band brake, and the pistons are pushed aside whilst strain is implemented. Brake pads are then pressured into the wheel cylinder to forestall the vehicle.
Mechanical Brakes
Mechanical brakes generate friction whilst surfaces rub collectively so one can produce a stopping action. right here are the two important styles of mechanical brakes:
Disc brakes: this device uses a wheel brake which slows the auto’s wheels’ rotation; the brake pads are then driven in opposition to the rotor with a hard and fast of calipers.
Drum brakes: this device consists of a metal brake drum which covers the brake assembly at every of the wheels. There are curved brake footwear, and they extend outward to stop or sluggish the drum, inflicting it to rotate with the wheel.
Parking Brakes
in case you park your automobile on an incline and don’t want it to roll downhill, the usage of the parking brake is vital. Parking brakes usually encompass small pedals positioned near the facet door on the motive force’s facet, under the guidance column. They can also be located by means of a lever within the console within the middle. In either case, mechanical pressure is essential for the brakes to operate nicely. In a few more recent fashions, a easy button is sometimes used in place of a lever.
energy Brakes
There are distinct sorts of electricity brakes, defined under.
Air brakes: instead of hydraulic fluid, air is used in this gadget to activate a primary drum or disc brake; this kind of machine is most usually utilized in vehicles consisting of trailers, buses, and trucks.
energy brake booster: the vacuum strength this is produced obviously in a vehicle’s engine is used a good way to extend the driver’s foot strain; this may stop nearly all varieties of cars, together with very heavy ones.

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Brake Pads- Various types and kinds.

We have all been down the road where we struggle to shop for the best brake pads without our town and to see which suits our car the most and would be the most efficient in brake pads and cost effective at the same time. Ofcourse without being anything said further, Genuine brake pads are the best and optimum choice for choosing brake pads for your vehicle as they are engineered to the most perfection as per our wheels, braking system and heat and dust generated from the car. But in due time, people to tend to want to choose some reputed aftermarket brake pads brands such as brembo, ac delco and further on. Let us dig deep down to clear out the jargons used for brake pads and see which ones means what to us.

A brief automotive brake system is made up of brake pads and brake rotors which work coherently together to ensure our safety.  Credit must be given to the first founder of brake discs Frederick William Lanchester who patented this technology and later rolled it out to many car manufactures globally which has not become wide spread.  It was the main evolution of the Formula one that gave birth to advanced braking systems with high frequency brake pads and rotors which has amassed a lot of interests with car dealers globally.

Types of Brake Pads

  • Ceramic Brake pads

These are considered to be one of the best brake pads possible available in the market be it for genuine brake pads or aftermarket brake pads. They are considered to be very expensive as well and would usually last longer than any of those brake pads. The compound of the brake pad is made strong ceramic mix which comprises of copper and clay and are excellent conductors of heat which can endure strong and hard and severe braking even during times of emergency. Most of the racing teams are strictly using this brake pads which is why they are slightly expensive than regular brake pads. They create much less brake dust, less noisy and the life of the brake pads are much longer.

  • Low Metallic Brake Pads

These brake pads composition tends to be little more noiser than the regular ceramic brake pads. Along with this, they do have a lot of brake dust wearing off during regular use. When it comes to the heat transfer capabilities, they are much better compared to the others which are available in the market. The brake pads comprises of 30% metal which could either be copper or steel.

  • Semi –Metallic Brake Pads

The best of hybrid compounds which includes combination of metals and synthetic compounds and is considered second best to genuine brake pads. Infact, most the of the new models of the cars comes with these semi- metallic brake pads these days. They are very heard to wear off, produces much less brake dust compared to the rest and longevity in terms of driving miles. The friction between these brake pads are far better and as good as ceramic brake pads.  The composition is made up of 65% metal

  • Non- Metallic Brake Pads

For the regular use of driving around the city, it is preferred to use these brake pads as they are made up of various compounds such as rubbers, resins and glasses. These are not suitable for hard or emergency braking as they tend to wear our very easily and brake dust is the most. These also require frequent changes due to fast wearing out. The reason they were made commercial was to tackle the toxic materials coming out of brake dust and to be more environmentally friendly.

  • Non-Asbestos Brake pads

Amongst many other aftermarket and replacement brake pads available around the market, these are considered to be the best buy as they are the most resilient to braking and more efficient compared to many others. Some of the best advantages are the production of less noise versus the other materials and the composition of made of very strong fivers and high quality resins.

A quick overview below can also help in getting a better picture for all 4 brake pads before making any decision:-

No Brake pad type Main features
1 Semi-Metallic – Being used widely in different vehicles
– Made of steel wire or wool, graphite or copper, and friction modifiers
– Long- term durability and excellent heat transfer capability
– More noises, wear down rotors faster, underperforms at low temperatures
2 Non-Asbestos Organic – Made of fibers, high-temperature resins, and filler materials
– Softer and create less noise than Semi – Metallic
– Deteriorate faster and create more dust
3 Low-Metallic NAO – Made of organic materials with 10%-30% metal
– Excellent braking and heat transfer capabilities
4 Ceramic – Made of ceramic fibers, bonding agents, nonferrous filler materials
– Less noise, wear down slowly, create less dust
– Expensive than other brake pads
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Auto Car Brake Pads- Ins and Outs for Auto care

A daily drive within city to your home, office and regular activities requires the most efficient braking system for your vehicle. The braking system is usually has a lot of metals, plastics, asbestos and many other materials clanking back and forth which requires the most attention possible. The braking system and brake pads are very important and could become a leading cause for many accidents and deaths further damaging other auto spare parts as well. The wear and tear of braking system may happen gradually but if the right attention is not paid at the right time, the parts will end up deteriorating much faster before major damages. There are always obvious signs of when your brakes needs to be changed such as a physical depress of the brake pedel or obvious noises from the wheels when being driven around.

The most obvious noise comes from an intelligent technique of brake pad wearing out indicator. Usually when you buy brake pads, there is always a small metal clinging on the side of the brake pad and pointing outwards. When brakes are almost ¾ used up, the indicator comes into play and starts giving early warning signs that brakes needs to be replaced soon. This indicator is the one hitting and touching the wheel rotor of the brake drums. If urgent attention is not paid, it might damage the brake rotor completely. Even though the indicator after a presumable amount of time wears and falls off, you might feel the brakes are normal but which is not the case. These days, there are so many OEM brake pads and aftermarket brake pads that hardly even comes with that indicator at all which also comprises of bad quality of brake pads. These must be avoided and hence genuine brake pads are always recommended. The brake rotors usually doesn’t require much change or replacement but an obvious sign for replacement would be if you can feel the steering wheel wobbling around the hands when driving around in normal road conditions.

Many garages not have options of turning or shaving off the excess eaten away brake rotors if required. These are an easiest way to ensure new brake pads are much more efficiently used compared to older brake pads. Most of the new models being launched these days comes be default with much more aerated and thinner brake rotors which are lighter than older models. These rotors eat away much less brake pads while preserving your fuel economy at the same time.

Top Ten Signs of Brake Wear:

1.   High pitched squealing
2.   Vibration in the steering wheel when stopping
3.   Grinding noises when stopping
4.   Increased braking distances
5.   Longer pedal travel
6.   Feeling the car “pull” to the left or right when stopping
7.   A weak emergency brake
8.   A bad smell after coming to a hard stop
9.   Pedal “fade”
10. Not stopping

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Service Schedules Intervals- Proper Car Maintenance

Auto engine of the car is like a human body which needs equal attention.

Usually it’s very easy to hop onto the car and keep driving away for miles thinking the journey and joy are endless from the moment you crank up the ignition. But facing the facts, car maintenance is as important as keeping oneself fit by eating and being healthy. Proper maintenance schedules must be followed to ensure car and your personal safety is at utmost importance. Not only does it keep your car in shape, it ensures that your wear and tear of auto spare parts are minimal and lets you keep genuine parts within the car. Ignoring major or minor services every now and then can end up costing you a lot more than one would expect. Usually it leads to cars ending up in garages and repairs and wasting of time. Proactive maintenance is the most important thing to keep any auto safe and ensuring car is moving for longer periods than usuall.

The most important and crucial thing to engine is OIL as blood is to humans. Engine oil and oil filters have to replace on as much regular intervals as possible. The engine oil acts like a lubrication to the complete engine auto spare parts and is of utmost importance to the engine’s health. The filter and oil needs to be changed and replaced at around 5000 or 10000 kms depending upon which engine oil are you most likely to use for the car. The good quality engine oils include Castrol, BP, Shell, Havoline and many others. Most of drivers are ought to drive within the city range hence being in stop-and-go traffic situation. This would also mean to change oil as much as possible if required to avoid mechanical and electrical issues with the car and keep the auto spare parts at the best optimum operating levels. The best oil to use is synthetic oil which it more like a virgin oil and has better potency and viscosity to flow around the engine and auto car much better.

A quick overview or short hand guide to bear in mind and keep with you if necessary can be as below which keeps the auto spare parts and the car’s engine in check always to ensure longevity.  

15,000-Mile Service

  • Engine oil
  • Oil filter
  • Engine air filter
  • In-cabin air filter
  • Wiper blade replacement

30,000-Mile Service

  • Engine oil
  • Oil filter
  • Engine air filter
  • In-cabin air filter
  • Wiper blade replacement
  • Fuel filter
  • Power steering fluid
  • Transmission fluid
  • Engine coolant

45,000-Mile Service

  • Engine oil
  • Oil filter
  • Engine air filter
  • In-cabin air filter
  • Wiper blade replacement
  • Spark plugs
  • Distributor cap
  • Brake fluid
  • Inspect brake pads/replace if necessary

60,000-Mile Service

  • Engine oil
  • Oil filter
  • Engine air filter
  • In-cabin air filter
  • Wiper blade replacement
  • Fuel filter
  • Power steering fluid
  • Transmission fluid
  • Engine coolant
  • Timing belt
  • Battery
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Winters brings Tyre pressure in checks

When the temperature drops, its always better to have your tyres checked every now and then.

It is a very common phenomena that whenever the weather becomes cooler, we tend to see more messages popping on our dashboards prompting to check up the tyres due to lower pressures. These days, thankfully to technology, we have automated TPMS ( Tire pressure monitoring systems) that help us keep the tyres safety in checks. Usually, it’s only for lower pressures. More warnings tend to mean the tyres are not in the perfect shape and needs a proper mechanic check. When it’s a hot weather, usually the tyres are inflated due to the heat generated by the rubber and sturdiness on the roads but to winters, it usually the opposite. According to the tire manfacturers association based in the USA, for every 10 degree drop in temperature, the tire pressure decreases one to two pounds per square inch or commonly reffered to as PSI on the cars. Also, we need to bear in mind that tyres have a lot to do with the fuel efficiency. When the tyre is underinflated. It causes more weight on the vehicle which tends to burn more fuel compared to when the tyre pressure is maintained properly. The popular tyre brands such as Bridgetone, Michelin, Dunlop and many others are state of the art tyres that help in maintaining the perfect balance for our cars. For our own personal safety, it is recommended to atleast check the tyre pressed once every month for older cars.

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Shop For Genuine Spare Parts For Renault

Every automobile has to shop for auto spare parts at some point. Auto Spare parts are not only manufactured by OEM, but, but some other manufacturingcompanies. Mostly, OEM produced products are expensive because they include the cost of shipping to the supplier as well as other charges. But using non-genuine products can void your service and maintenance warranty with your automobilemanufacturer.

How to buy genuine auto spare parts at reasonable prices?

With the end goal to locate the spare auto parts for the vehicles like the trucks, transports, bicycles and even the cars is a bothering work, that requires the speculation of time to have the capacity to discover the items that have a quality and are in great working condition. But, if you want to buy genuine spare parts for Renault, while not wanting to spend your money on covering up suppliers charges, visit Auto Plus Dubai.

What is Auto Plus Dubai?

Auto Plus Dubai is the authorized automotive spare parts supplier in Dubai and major parts of UAE, Middle East and Africa. They have been dealing in this industry for approximately 20 years and never have any of their client made complained about their service. Auto Plus Dubai only deals in genuine OEM produced spare parts. But since they generally procure their products directly from OEM companies, and no middle men is involved, they can provide original spare parts for Renault at very reasonable prices. Also, with their website, it is very easy to shop for auto spare parts from your home.

At Auto Plus Dubai, you can not only find spare parts for Renault, but other auto-manufacturers like Honda, Lexus, Hyundai, Toyota, Mitsubishi and others. You can find any and all types of spare parts at Auto Plus Dubai, ranging from body parts to engine spare parts. Thus, it is the one-stop destination for shopping for auto spare parts.


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Best Mercedes Benz spare parts shop in the Middle East

About Auto Parts:

Auto repair parts can be confounding. In the event that you do DIY auto repair, you realize how hard it very well may be to locate the correct part at the correct cost. This auto parts purchasing aide will enable you to choose what sort of part you require and what will be engaged with purchasing the correct part for your car.

Most organizations are hesitant to keep up a complete spare part stock since they expect that stocking resources like spares are illogical when attempting to adequately control working expenses. They anticipate that plant supervisors will distinguish approaches to diminish cost while keeping up the execution and proficiency of plant tasks. When it comes to the best Mercedes Benz spare parts shop, you will find loads of service provider in the middle east. Want to choose the best service provider? Well, you can try the AutoPlus Dubai.

Auto plus Dubai is authorized OEM spare parts shop with many years of experience in this business. You can rely on them without any doubt. They will give you the best in class services,unlike other service providers. Auto Plus Dubai is working with many authorized dealers such as Toyota, ISUZU, Nissan, Peugeot, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Mazda, Lexus, KIA, Ford, Honda, Land Rover, and many others.

Can I Choose Auto Plus Dubai?

  • All products offered by them are genuine and directly imported from the manufacturer.
  • Moreover, they have many years of experience in this field with proper knowledge. Their team will give you best in class services.
  • When it comes to the affordability, Auto Plus Dubai is the best for you. All products and services offered by them are affordable in prices i.e. it suits every pocket.
  • They also have 24 x 7 active customer support.
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Choose Best Honda Spare Parts Shop


How frequently have you purchased an item, not long after to understand, that it does not have some critical highlights or has some minor imperfections, which could have been effortlessly stayed away from had you been more educated? All things considered, we as a whole have been there and done that in any event once throughout everyday life.

What’s more, particularly with web-based shopping, this demonstration is currently a typical thing to observe. Also, one industry that has experienced a fast and exceptional change with the approach and development of internet shopping is automobile spare parts industry.

Best spare parts:

Notwithstanding how simple our lives have moved toward becoming with the web, purchasing auto spare parts ought to never be a hurried choice as it can prompt wastage of cash, time and exertion. Along these lines, realizing a few to note before purchasing auto spare parts is important to consider. One needs to properly search before purchasing sensitive items such as spare parts for a car or any Auto vehicle.

If you are seeking the best Honda spare parts shop then, you can rely on the Auto Plus Dubai. This is one of the best Auto Spare part shops in the middle east, Africa, and UAE. They are dealing in this business for many years with expertise unlike other spare parts shop in the whole area.

Why Choose Genuine Spare Parts?

  • Genuine Auto spare parts are necessary in order to get the efficient performance from your vehicle.
  • Choosing genuine auto spare parts for your vehicle helps you in saving money by investing in original spare parts instead of local parts.

If you are facing any problem while engaging with the Auto Plus Dubai then, you can contact the customer support. They will give you the best solution to the problem.


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Best In Class Spare Parts For Peugeot

A vehicle is a decent speculation and something we utilize consistently. A vehicle is as much a piece of our daily schedule as different fundamentals may be. With the coming of auto parts online stores, it is turning into even more fundamental to pick the correct auto parts vendor where one can purchase parts like a front safeguard, car brake cushions,and car brake shoes.

The requirement for veritable parts

Purchasing auto parts is an imperative thought, and just veritable parts must be purchased in light of the fact that it influences different components identified with the vehicle.

Spare parts influence different parts of the car as well

Supplanting a spare part isn’t just about that specific part yet, in addition, those others that are as of now in the car and may be influenced by this substitution. This makes it extremely fundamental to pick a certified part that will fit the car. Spare parts ought to be real so alternate parts of the car that either interacts with it or be influenced with the running of the car are not harmed.

Autoplus spare parts have been a pioneer and leader always in dealing with genuine auto spare parts. Our auto spare parts online have helped us achieve maximum results for many customers worldwide. They offer various types of spare parts that are directly imported from the manufacturer. Getting engaging with Auto Plus Dubai, you can get spare parts for Peugeot, and almost every car brand.

Who Choose Auto Plus Dubai?

  • They have many years of experience in this business with high customer satisfaction rate unlike other service providers in the same.

You will find almost every single spare part for your vehicle without any extra efforts to move to another shop. In simple words, this is one stop destination.

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Best place to buy Lexus spare parts



Lexus is one of the top luxury brands of automatable around the world. Their products are known for their performance,quality,andreliability. But, when your Lexus vehicle needs to be repaired or a part needs to be replaced, it always recommendsinvesting in OEM manufactured automotive parts notwithstanding the way that they are more costly in light of the fact that they are unrivaled in quality, more reliable and are made for the explicit make and model of your automobile. Then again, aftermarket parts are manufactured for your car by organizations other than the first producer and are planned (conventionally) for a few (makes and models of) cars. The performance of aftermarket parts is unreliable, in the best case scenario.

OEM spare parts:

So, now the question arises that how can you buy OEM spare parts at the least prices. Well, if you are looking to buy OEM Lexus spare parts at affordable prices, then you should visit the website of Auto Plus Dubai. They are the largest and an authorized OEM auto spare parts supplier in Dubai and UAE. They also transport their products to other regions in the Middle East as well as Africa. Being an automotive part supplier for 20 years, they have garnered quite a reputationin the market due to their service and reliability.

Why Choose Auto Plus Dubai to buy Lexus spare parts?

  • It is the one-place destination for Lexus spare parts.
  • You can find every type of spare that you may require for your Lexus vehicle including Auto Body parts, and engine parts like throttle body, Engine cover, EGV valves, gasket kits, and others.
  • All the products available at Auto Plus is procured directly from OEM manufacturers, reducing the cost of middlemen and ultimately cutting the process of the parts.
  • They have a 24/7 customer support for helping their clients when they aren’t able to find a right product they are looking for.
Thursday, December 13th, 2018