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Dubai’s auto spare parts trade has increased tremendously with major share attributes to automotive parts store selling auto body parts, OEM and engine parts. The Genuine auto spare parts signals a continuous upwards trends and gives the fact that there will be much bigger and better prospects for car industry while ensuring the automotive players enjoy this continuous growth and success. The statistics center has ensure to share the results with all the automotive parts players so that they can reflect on their auto spare parts practice and design their strategy accordingly in the upcoming months. These results are very significant for any economy and will be relevant to many car parts online stores as well since the dynamics of the industry are changing more than previous years. Car spare parts industry has benefited greatly from this research as this communication helps the traders and manufacturers design their future company business plan as the auto spare parts landscapes changes drastically.

Aftermarket Automotive Parts

Most of the automotive online leaders are now finding and creating new models to focus on advanced automobile and auto parts to cater as much car part needs as possible to end consumers while creating strategic plans. This is the reason we see huge and massive participation from these stores all around the world coming together for Automechanika and primarily facilitate car parts wholesale trade. This show mainly focused on auto body parts, OEM and engine parts manufacturers and dealers from 5 different continents.  The constant flow of auto supply for automotive products of a car has ensured all the end users have the convenience to avail auto parts at best and discounted rates possible. Visit our website and you will find all type of aftermarket automobile products details online and you can simply contact us and order it online!


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The aftermarket auto parts industry has been growing enormously over the past couple of years. Most car owners now prefer for Quality aftermarket car parts due to it being budget friendly and easy to find as many auto parts shop owners prefer keeping a variety of range. Usually, Genuine spare parts are much expensive than the alternate parts which are also categorized as aftermarket auto parts. According to recent statistics department over the last decade, the aftermarket auto parts and car aftermarket car parts industry has risen to 18.20 Billion AED in the last decade as per the UAE statistics department report in 2016. The Aftermarket car parts has main strength in re-exports and imports from mainly China and Korea. The majority share of import was taken by aftermarket auto body parts as the imports has reached up to AED141.70 million worth of aftermarket automotive parts The aftermarket auto body parts are exported to African region mainly due to current economic conditions and lesser buying power of many end-users.

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Since the travel and stay has been made much more convenient, African end consumers and auto parts importers ae flocking the market every year which increases to auto parts trade up to 200 percent in terms of value and Dubai economic department. The Dubai economic departments reported that aftermarket auto parts and car parts mainly accounted for a huge projected growth in the UAE economic factors. The breakdown share for auto spare parts were stated that Engine Oil has amounted up to 55 percent of auto spare parts industry while the engine auto parts contributed to another 22 percent. Main export partners were in Libya, Iraq, Yemen and Saudi Arabia. The major import partners for Auto parts and Aftermarket auto parts were Japan, Germany, China and Korea and has proven to a valuable auto spare parts industry leaders over last two decades. The re-exports of spares has risen up to an impressive key figure of 6.7 billion AED just over the period from 2012-2015. The tiger share was taken over by engine parts and tires with it being most re-exported auto spare parts from the Middle East region.

The leading import partners were Iran, Iraq and Russia along with other CIS regions. Aftermarket automotive parts trade has not shown any decrease in trade and as the economy expands, people are looking for cheaper and better alternates for their car to ensure better quality car parts are mainly used in their engines. Aftermarket auto body parts are the most preferred in most workshops and spare parts dealers as body is easily scratched and damaged over the due course of time of a car’s lifeline.