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Looking to Buy Hemp Oil? Here’s What You Need to Know

Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant, which is a variety of the cannabis Sativa plant that contains less than 0.3% THC. Because it contains CBD, it can be used to treat pain and inflammation, as well as other health conditions. Here’s what you need to know about how to buy hemp oil, where to find it, and where not to buy it.

Things You Should Know Before You Buy Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is a product that’s derived from the hemp plant. It’s a type of cannabis Sativa plant, but it contains less than 0.3% THC. That means it won’t get you high. Hemp oil has many uses. It’s often used as a dietary supplement, as it’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients. It can also be used topically for skin care or hair care purposes. If you’re looking to buy hemp oil, there are a few things you should know first.

Make sure you buy from a reputable source, as not all hemp oil is created equal. Some products have been shown to contain large amounts of heavy metals such as lead and mercury. Make sure you only purchase from brands with quality certification like The United States Pharmacopeia. If you want to buy hemp oil for dietary reasons, make sure to purchase an organic product that’s been cold-pressed and unrefined.

These oils contain no pesticides or chemicals because they’ve never been heated up above 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Cold-pressed oils are more expensive than processed oils, but they offer superior health benefits. And because they’re unrefined, these oils retain natural vitamins and minerals within them a key benefit if you don’t eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables regularly.

Hemp Oil’s Benefits

Hemp oil is known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, making it a popular natural treatment for conditions like arthritis and chronic pain. Additionally, hemp oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for maintaining heart health and preventing chronic diseases. For these reasons, many people are looking to buy hemp oil. But before you invest in this product, there are some things you should know. Hemp oil is illegal in some states, as well as at the federal level.

If you buy hemp oil from an online retailer or retail store that doesn’t verify the legality of their products, you may be putting yourself at risk of breaking the law and incurring legal penalties such as fines or jail time. It can also be difficult to determine the purity of hemp oil because it isn’t regulated by the FDA Food and Drug Administration. Furthermore, if you don’t consume enough omega-3s regularly then you’re likely not getting enough of this beneficial substance through your diet alone.

Which is stronger hemp oil or CBD?

CBD and hemp oil are both derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant, but they’re different products. Hemp oil is made from the seeds of the plant and contains very little CBD. CBD oil is made from the leaves, flowers, and stalks of the plant and contains a higher concentration of CBD. So, if you’re looking for a product with a higher concentration of CBD, you’ll want to buy hemp oil. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a product that can offer relief without getting you high, then go with CBD oil. CBD oils come in various strengths and concentrations so you’ll be able to find one that works best for your needs. If you don’t know which type of product will work best for your situation, check out our guide on how to choose the right hemp oil or CBD supplement. For further details visit Weed Republic.

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How to Check Dubai Visa Application Status Online

A Dubai visa is one of the items you need to have while residing in the United Arab Emirates, especially for the expatriates in the country. Moreover, not only does the card ascertain your legitimacy as a UAE resident, but it can also help you in different aspects needed in UAE such as land leasing, accessing government facilities and financial institutions. 

So, whether you’ve applied for the UAE visa or want to check its expiry date, UAE authorities have provided an online portal you can use to check your visa status easily. 

Therefore, how do you check the Dubai visa application status online? Below is how you can confirm your UAE Employment Visa Dubai  status online. 

  • Go to the portal: https://smartservices.ica.gov.ae/echannels/web/client/default.html#/fileValidity
  • Choose the language to use after the portal has opened, click English as your preferred language
  • Choose the type of visa or residency you want to check. This will depend on the visa type you have
  • Enter your passport details such as passport number and expiry date
  • Choose your preferred nationality from the menu on the portal
  • Before you select search, confirm the captcha checkbox

Once the details you’ve submitted are valid, the page will show all the information on your visa including the date of Dubai residence visa expiry. This method can also be used when you want to check your Dubai visa status online using your passport number.

Additionally, in case you’re not familiar with the above method, you can simply use the GDRFA portal to check your visa status online.

Therefore, you can check your visa status online via the GDRFA in the following ways;

How to Check Dubai Visa Status Applicati0n Online Via the GDFRA Portal

GDFRA popularly known as The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in UAE is responsible to handle and give feedback to all UAE-related visa concerns, queries, applications, and rules. 

Currently, UAE is the only separate country that permits residents to check their status online.

So, below are the step-by-step procedures on how you can check your visa status online via the GDRFA portal?

  • Go to the link; http://www.gdrfa.ae/portal/pls/portal/INIMM_DB.DBPK_VISAVALIDITY.Query_VisaValidity
  • From the menu, choose “Residence Validity” on the GDFRA portal as your UAE inquiry service.
  • Insert your residency file number according to the year of issue. 
  • Enter your first name as indicated on your passport and then your gender
  • Enter your exact date of birth following the format dd-mm-yyy
  • Confirm your captcha code and submit your details

Your UAE visa details will then appear in green, just below your submission form after submitting your correct details. The following are the details you’ll see after submission, your name, UAE visa expiry date, date of birth, gender, and nationality. 

Similarly, to simplify everything, the GDRFA launched an app to help the ex-pats in the UAE find an easy time to check their visa status online. 

Thus, if you don’t prefer using the GDRFA website, you can download the application and follow the following steps to use it;

How to Use GDFRA App to Check UAE Visa Status Online

  • After installing the app, open and select the “services” label
  • Click on the “Residence status/Entry permit”  and opt for “Residence inquiry” 
  • Enter your personal details such as first name, visa code, date of birth, and nationality
  • Confirm your details then click “ Inquiry”

Similarly, after submitting your details, the page will show a green tick with your visa information. These might include your full name, visa expiry date, visa number, and the type of your visa.

When visiting the app next time, you don’t need to sign up again. Just simply open the app and check your visa application. 

Note it is a must to have your passport details for every process to confirm the validity of your UAE visa. However, it is not a must you carry your passport. You can master your details and present them when needed. Or you can keep a scanned version of your passport or photo at least in your phone or wallet. This might save your time in case your passport details are needed and you don’t have the original copy at hand.

Apart from that, here are some of the most frequently asked questions that might help you when checking the validity of your UAE visa status online;

How do you check if your Dubai Visa Application is approved?

Checking whether your Dubai visa has been approved or not is important because it keeps you on your toes on how your approval status is. Since having a visa is so crucial in Dubai, you can check your UAE approval status by using the following means;

  • Visit https://uaeentry.ica.gov.ae website
  • On the website, enter your Emirates ID number, Passport number, nationality, and the type of your passport. 

After submitting your details, you’ll get instant verification to confirm your Dubai Visa Application verification. 

Final Thoughts 

The UAE authorities devised simple and easy ways to help expatriates in UAE to apply and check their visa status by using online means. Just by a mere press of a button, you can know your UAE residence visa without moving from one place to another. In most cases, what you’ll be required to carry along is your passport number and other documents you’ll be required to submit in the specified online portal you’ll be using.

Therefore, if you want to check your Dubai visa status online, you can either use the GDFRA website or the app the GDFRA app they launched for the UAE expatriates to use. Nonetheless, in case you find it difficult to check your status online, you can seek any professional Dubai consultant to guide you.   

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Scrap Business License-Which one is required in Dubai for Scrap Business?

As a business investor, it is a general rule of thumb to obtain a business trading license in any country you’re conducting your business activities. And, the UAE is not exceptional. Therefore, just like any other business, you must have a valid business license. When you want to start a scrap metal business in Dubai, having a scrap business license is mandatory. However, which scrap business license is required in Dubai for the scrap metal business.

A local license can help you carry out your scrap business activities in Dubai. Usually, the Dubai Department of Economic Development is the body responsible for issuing a local license in the UAE. Nonetheless, getting a local license in Dubai comes with certain policies whereby you must have a local sponsor who will later have fifty-one percent of the company’s share.

Luckily, Dubai allows investors to apply for a trading license in their preferred zones in the UAE. So, you can opt to apply for a free zone license that comes with lots of benefits to the investors. For instance, having a free zone scrap business license accords you full ownership of your scrap metal business in Dubai.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to having full ownership of your business in Dubai, then a free zone scrap business license got you covered. Additionally, it might not be easy to get a scrap business license in the UAE, especially if you are a startup business setup in the country. The UAE usually has some set business rules everyone in Dubai needs to adhere to when starting a business in Dubai.

Thanks to the business setup consultant in Dubai who uses their professionalism to help business investors to set up their business amicably in UAE. Therefore, you can consult with municipal authorities in UAE and get the relevant documents needed to obtain your scrap metal business license in Dubai.

Similarly, a municipal Corporation License, shop, and establishment license is among the primary license every business setup can apply for. And, probably a scrap business may need one if the country you are in permits such kind of license. Also, the type of license required for a scrap business might depend on the country you’re going to launch your business.

In India, a license is not an important document to run a scrap business even though it is legal to have it. Scrap Market in Dubai In the UK, you must have a license. Meaning, you must get an environmental permit in the country which usually takes approximately 10- 15 days, depending on the genre of waste you’ll be dealing with. The environmental permit will guide you on how to handle your waste, in case, they are more hazardous.

That’s said; the type of license to have will solely depend on the country you’re going to open your scrap business. However, Dubai encourages scrap business owners to apply for a local license which can be retrieved from the Dubai Department of Economic Development.

To get detailed information about scrap business licenses in Dubai, we’ve documented some of the most frequently asked questions by scrap business owners. They include;

  1. How to apply for the scrap license
  2. How to register a scrap company?
  3. Do you need a license for scrap metal

How to Apply for the Scrap Business License


Getting any business license in any country might be a pain in the neck if you don’t follow the right procedures to obtain your license. Typically, based on the country you are opening your business, you need to submit documents as requested by the bodies dealing with license-related issues.

Submitting correct documents will help you obtain your trading license within the duration stipulated by the organizing bodies in the scrap field. Likewise, a delay for your business license might be evident when you fill or submit incorrect data.

So, if you want to apply for a scrap business trading license, check the list of data you’ll be required when applying for a scrap business license.

  • The type of license you are applying for. For instance ( a site license or a collector’s license)
  • The name of your scrap business
  • Provide any relevant permit you hold
  • Information about the prospective license holder
  • Business address
  • Telephone number

Primarily, when applying for a Scrap Metal Business in Dubai, you’ll be given a form with the above details. So, as a scrap business owner, ensure you fill every part that you are supposed to fill. For instance, In case, you are operating a site scrap business and not a collector’s business, fill in the details related to the site license.

The government will provide you with a form having both the collector’s details and the site license information. Be cautious not to tamper with your information when filling in your scrap trade license business form.

However, before you apply for a scrap business license, you must meet the following requirements.

  1. Be a holder of a Scrap Metal Dealer Association Membership certificate and number
  2. Must have a Business Registration Certificate
  3. Have a Tax Compliance Certificate
  4. Lease agreement/ Plot Title
  5. Must have a business permit
  6. Have all director’s information such as certificate of good conduct and KRA pin.

How to Register a Scrap Company?

Scrap Business License

Typically, you can register your company easily as long as you have all the company’s details. Nowadays, this can be done online or visit the authorities in charge of scrap business licenses in Dubai.

Therefore, the following steps will help you get your scrap business in Dubai registered.

Step 1; Ensure you comply with the pre-requisites information

Step 2; Register an account

Step 3; Open your account by logging in with your information

Step 4; Fill in every detail of your company’s profile

Step five; Select your preferred license and apply

Step six: Submit the application form

Step 7; Pay and upload payment details

Step 8; Download and print your scrap business certificate

Do you need a license for scrap metal?

Yes, as a business scrap dealer, you must have a scrap metal trading license. This is documented even in the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013. Therefore, it is prudent to have a scrap business license to conduct your scrap business activities in any country you’ll be launching your business.

Final Thoughts

A business permit is an essential document every business investor must-have for the success of their business. Therefore, if you want to start a scrap business in Dubai, you can obtain a local business license from the Dubai Department of Economic Development.

Get your scrap business in Dubai to a higher level by having a valid scrap business license.

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ICA smart services UAE

ICA smart services UAE provides a range of smart and innovative services in the local market. They are committed to providing professional, efficient and high quality service that exceeds their customers’ expectation. The company is always looking for the latest technology solutions to exceed customer expectations. “The future of retail is intelligent and here to stay”. ICA Smart Services was launched in October 2017 to create a new paradigm for the retail industry in the region. With an advanced technology platform, we are able to manage your product information – from planning and design to shelf replenishment.

What does ICA do for businesses?

ICA smart services are a government owned company, responsible for the execution of e-services and e-government projects in the UAE. Customers can access their applications, pay fines via sms or mobile banking as well as pay for gas and electricity bills through i2b2. ICA smart services UAE is an online platform that enables you to order and pay for your visa, passport, and other related services from the convenience of your home or office.

It is a new online service offered by ICA to its customers in UAE. You can now log on to your personal account and pay for electricity or water usage, or apply for an E-Payment card, through the ease of doing it from home, anytime you want without standing long lines at the counters. ICA smart services are a product launched by the Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, or EITC, that offers new services to customers in the UAE.

The benefits of ICA for small business owners

ICA is a government-owned corporation in Bangladesh. It was established on December 25, 1962 (Evolution of ICA). The main objective of this organization is to promote the trade and industry in the country by providing facilities for import and export. Small entrepreneurs can easily utilize the benefits of ICA.

ICA is an independent, not-for-profit organization that represents the interests of small business owners to government, media and the public. We connect entrepreneurs, policy makers and the public to help build a stronger economy for everyone. ICA’s core business focus is to provide small and medium-size businesses with security, efficiency and innovation in the areas of retail, supplies, payroll, marketing and other services.

When it comes to accounting, small business owners have a lot on their plates. Running the business is already hard enough, which is why they need something that is reliable and easy to use.  ICA smart services UAE provides cloud-based accounting software for businesses that are small in size but big in ambition. With ICA, you can simplify your bookkeeping and increase your productivity by as much as 30%.

Our teams work together to deliver a seamless experience to every passenger. From airport taxis, limousines, shuttles and parking services to ground transportation options for all Dubai International Airport (DXB) terminals, we provide the ultimate travel experience.

ICA smart services – A cleaning partner who knows you and your business

ICA offers a smart and innovative solution to the cleaning needs of businesses in UAE. They help customers build strong relationships with their customers through personalized service and convenience. With ICA smart services UAE, we make cleaning your premises a seamless experience. Partnering with you to form an integrated cleaning solution, we help you maximise the productivity of your office and reduce operational overhead expenses. Whether you need daily or weekly out-of-hours support, a one-off event or professional onsite project management, let us know what your business needs are and we will tailor our service accordingly.

When you buy ICA smart services, you get a cleaning partner who knows your work and home schedules and will make sure that your office is always clean. With ICA smart services, you never need to worry about the cleaning again. Get it done by a professional at a competitive price. ICA smart services UAE will sure be a best cleaning partner for you who knows you and your business.

How to save time with ICA?

ICA is not only an e-market; it is a smart service that helps all businesses to grow, to prosper, and to succeed. The industry standard for cleaning companies is low-quality. Here at ICA smart services, we want to change this. Instead of using cash or credit cards, use ICA smart services to make your life better and simpler.

ICA is a great initiative from the UAE government. It helps everyone save time, be more productive, and be a part of the Dubai Economy ecosystem.


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Where is The Scrap Market in Dubai-Best Scrap Dealers in the UAE

Are you looking for a scrap dealer or market in Dubai? With lots of scrap dealers in the UAE, it might be challenging to run into a good scrap dealer who offers reasonable scrap metal rates. Therefore, the majority of scrap business investors are profoundly searching where the scrap market in Dubai is. Good news, in this article, we’ve done in-depth research and compiled some of the best scrap dealers in Dubai for your scrap metal business.

So, here is a list of the best scrap dealers in Dubai with better scrap metal rates and offers.

  • Al Sifah Metal Scrap TR.LLC
  • The Al Group
  • The Lucky Group
  • The Toronto Metals Trading LLC
  • The Blue Sea Metal Scrap Trading LLC

With the above scrap dealers in mind, you can skyrocket your scrap metal business in Dubai to a higher level. What makes the above scrap dealers the best in Dubai is their ability to deal with more than one scrap processing and manufacturing at the same time? As a scrap business owner, you’ll have your place when dealing with these scrap dealers in the UAE.

Additionally, Dubai is well-known to be among the top ten ferrous scrap suppliers in the world. Having its routes in the tourism and oil business industry, Dubai has provided a safe ground for scrap business as well. So, what makes Dubai among the top-tier suppliers of ferrous scrap in the world? You might wonder, right?

Apart from the growth of infrastructure in the UAE, the country is termed to be one of the stable countries economically. In addition, it has a sunny climate and offers a tax-free business environment that promotes all kinds of Scrap Business License. Therefore, all these factors put in place plays a monumental role to ensure the scrap business in Dubai is ablaze.

Similarly, the oil industry in Dubai contributes to the scrap business in UAE where steel is largely used for fabrication processes. Also, some of the used cars from African countries are usually shipped to the United Arab Emirates for scrapping purposes. Thus, this, therefore, portents major growth in the scrap business in UAE in the coming years.

In addition, the sunny climate sometimes results in more heat in the country which makes the UAE residents purchase refrigerators and air conditioners to cool them in their homes. Therefore, when these gadgets are worn out, the residents reject them. These, therefore, contribute to another source of scrap metal in the country.

So, it is needless to say scrap metal business in Dubai is growing exponentially. And investors are looking forward to investing in the scrap metal business in UAE. Nonetheless, familiarizing yourself with where the scrap metal business in Dubai is, is one step to your scrap business success.

Company Name Launch Head Office What they Deal With Countries they deal with
Al Sifah Metal Scrap TR.LLC N/A Sharjah Ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap Serve majorly customers in Dubai
Toronto Metals Trading LLC 2008 Dubai Recycle ferrous and non-ferrous metals India, the Middle East, and Europe
Ala Group


2004 Chicago Scraps China, Pakistan, Hong Kong, United Kingdom
The Lucky Group 2010 Dubai Metal Recycling and aluminum alloy manufacturing N/A
Blue Sea Metal Scrap Trading LLC 2008 Sharjah Scrap Recycling The Middle East and East and West Africa


Different scrap dealers in Dubai operate with different countries and engage in different scrap metal activities. Thus, the scrap business owners in Dubai are spoilt from choices when it comes to which scrap dealer to deal with.

If you are much into scrap recycling, then dealing with Blue Sea Metal Scrap Trading LLC will be the best choice to make. On top of that, you can use the table above to select the best scrap dealers to work with within Dubai. For more information about the best scrap dealers to work with within the UAE, continue reading.

Best Scrap Dealers in the UAE

Skyrocket your scrap metal business in Dubai with the following top scrap dealers in UAE.

Al Sifah Metal Scrap TR. LLC

In case you want to deal with the top scrap dealers in Dubai, then Al Sifah Metal Scrap TR.LLC got you covered. This scrap dealer majorly deals in both non-ferrous and ferrous metal scrap in Dubai. They have a certified trading license issued by the UAE authorities dealing with scrap-related issues in Dubai.

Similarly, they are packed with a team of professional and experienced individuals who know the value of scrap and help in the optimum environmental conservation. Al Sifah majorly deals with customers in Dubai ranging from the petrochemical sector, construction industry, power sector, and oil.

So, having a network of partners helps them to engage in super deals globally and are always updated with the current scrap metal rates. In addition, these dealers operate using the latest equipment of state-of-the-art technology.

Toronto Metals Trading LLC

Where is The Scrap Market in Duba

This scrap dealer is considered as the top trading company of recycled ferrous, scrap, and non-ferrous metals with a worldwide presence. Toronto mainly deals with recycling industries including refineries, processors, manufacturers, and more.

Other countries this dealer deals with are India and the European countries. Therefore, Toronto deals with the recycling of non-ferrous metals of all types, for instance, lead, copper, and zinc. Also, this dealer uses environment-friendly methods to treat their scrap.

Ala Group

Ala Group has been in the scrap industry for a long time, hence, they are rich in scrap metal business experience. One of the best features about Ala Group is they operate 24/7 to provide its customers with the best customer service in Dubai.

This dealer works with countries such as China, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Africa, and the United States of America. The success of this company has been largely contributed by Abdul Rehman who happens to be the founder of Ala Group.

Ala Group also works with the latest technology and includes a team of more competent people in the scrap metal industry.

The Lucky Group

If you are looking for a dealer dealing with aluminum alloy manufacturing and metal recycling, then Lucky Group will be the best fit for your scrap business. These dealers have encountered tremendous growth because they are using the latest cutting-edge technology.

In the same vein, they are highly recommended because of the high-quality materials they are dealing with in their manufacturing and recycling of metals. Thus, they deal with the recycling of ferrous scrap, scrap copper, aluminum scrap, and brass scrap.

The Blue Sea Metal Scrap Trading LLC

Ever since 2008, this dealer has established itself as a trusted scrap metal company in Dubai. On top of that, they source their scrap from other countries across the globe including the Middle East and the East and West Africa.

They deal with high-quality scrap metals and are known for their timely delivery.


As a new investor, it might be challenging to locate where there are scrap metal markets in Dubai or the top scrap dealers. Thus, in the event, you may end up quitting to start a scrap metal business in Dubai.

Therefore, if you want to deal with the top scrap metal dealers in Dubai, consider reaching out to Al Sifah Metal Scrap TR. LLC, The Lucky Group, The Blue Sea Metal.The Blue Sea Metal Scrap Trading LLC, or the Ala Group scrap dealers depending on your scrap metal business.

More Helpful Information

Scrap Business License-Which one is required in Dubai for Scrap Business?To get the required license in Dubai is not easy. Find out in this POST the type of license you need for your scrap business.

Top 7 Requirements to set up a Scrap Business in DubaiDo you want to start a scrap metal business in Dubai? This cool resource will help you know the requirements you’ll need to stick to when starting a scrap metal business.

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Is Cryptocurrency Mining Legal in Dubai?

Cryptocurrency Mining in Dubai is still debatable whether to be allowed or not in some countries. Yes, the US and the UK have legalized the use of crypto in their countries. Since its inception in those countries, Cryptocurrency has kept on growing exponentially. Residents living in the UAE might be compelled to invest in Bitcoin since it is one of the top businesses people earn their living from. However, the question stands, is Cryptocurrency legal in Dubai?

Currently, there is no law in the UAE restricting cryptocurrency mining. Cryptocurrency mining is allowed in the UAE, and some individuals are flourishing just from mining crypto in Dubai. The legality of cryptocurrency projects in Dubai is composed of guidelines and practices. In view of the Library of Congress, all transactions in virtual currency plus cryptocurrencies are allowed in UAE. This is found under article D.7.3 of the Regulatory Framework for Electronic Payment System and Stored Values issued by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates.

Similarly, the UAE has recently introduced its own DubaiCoin to be used and managed in the region. Like any other country, UAE is attempting to invest in crypto since it is profitable. However, don’t jump into this business without acquainting yourself with skills to mine and trade crypto. To some extent, you can lose all of your money trying to dive into this complex business. To get in-depth knowledge about crypto mining in Dubai, let’s discuss the following;

Crypto Farm Mining in UAE

In UAE, the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Abu Dhabi Global Market, popularly known as FSRA-ADGM, was the first body to provide regulations and guidelines concerning crypto mining and all other trading activities related to this business. Thus, the guidelines were explicitly for the control of (ICO), commonly known as Initial Coin Offerings plus virtual currencies through which people can publicly trade cryptocurrencies.

Thus, the FSRA-ADGM could have been used to calculate the products on a case-by-case basis. Additionally, the FSRA regulation concerning crypto in the Abu Dhabi Global Market aims to boost transparency, battle financial terrorism, and restrict money laundering, among others.

Apart from that, the DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodity Authority) has offered UAE investors a golden opportunity to blend the cryptocurrencies trading platform. Nonetheless, the integration gives investors more chances to do business independently. Such companies are anticipated to be effective and set up cold storage cellars for cryptocurrencies.

So, UAE has profoundly tried to become the top leader in blockchain innovation and ought to entirely rely on the 2021 blockchain strategy. In addition, the recent regulations and rules on crypto utilization, including the cryptographic, have been documented to consolidate their structured vision concerning cryptocurrencies.

Knowing the intricacies of crypto farm mining in Dubai is critical, especially if you want to start your crypto business in UAE. So, in this article, you’ll learn crypto legality, where you can buy Cryptocurrency in Dubai, how to purchase them and which Cryptocurrency you ought to purchase for your long-term project in UAE. But, before that, which is the best and safest wallet to choose in Dubai before mining?

Let’s find out;

The Best Bitcoin Wallet to Choose in Dubai before Cryptocurrency Mining in Dubai
Before diving into Bitcoin mining, it is relevant to have a secured form on how you’ll store your cryptocurrencies. In UAE, the mainstream wallets subscribed by UAE residents and well-known are Trezor, and Ledger Nano S. Several Bitcoin exchanges provide built-in wallets to their users. However, they are susceptible and centralized to thefts.

Therefore, immediately you’ve chosen your preferred wallet, the next step you’d want to consider is opting for the best cryptocurrencies exchange, which involves identity verification for particular transactions, buying and selling Bitcoin, among others, and varying with each broker.

Buying Bitcoin in UAE is straightforward. However, the success of your business will be determined by the type of broker you’re dealing with. Therefore, the first step of being a crypto investor in the UAE is to open an account with any crypto exchange of your choice. Moreover, to store your Bitcoin, you must have a secured crypto wallet.

Best Places to Purchase Cryptocurrencies in Dubai

Setting up your crypto business in Dubai might not be easy at first, especially for beginners diving into this business. Usually, beginners have little knowledge of what is required to make their crypto venture productive. Thus, one of the most complex parts when starting a crypto business in Dubai is finding the best place to purchase cryptocurrencies.

To shed light on this, some of the UAE residents on Quora were asked where the best places to purchase cryptocurrencies in Dubai are, see what they proposed;

“As a Crypto Trader, I have been using Coinsfera for a year now. And I can easily say that they are one of the best places to buy or sell Bitcoin. Friendly employees and fast transactions. It’s located at Baniyas Square-14th Rd.” – by Roshan Ravel.

“You can buy from Cointral, they have a shop in Dubai, and it’s really great. That’s the first exchange shop I saw in Dubai wherein they are only dealing with Cryptocurrency. You can visit them they are open from 9 am until 6 pm. They are near to gold souq, try to search it on Google maps to show you their location. The staff is very nice, and they are giving good rates.” –by Anonymous.

“The only answer is through an OTC trade. You can buy Bitcoin quickly and without any form of KYC or verifications from OTC (over the counter) traders and through OTC trades, you can make purchases of your coins in any volume or quantity you desire.”-by Joe Smith.

From the above responses, as a beginner resident in UAE, you can either select the Cointral, Coinsfera, or go by the OTC trade as the best places recommended to buy cryptocurrencies in Dubai and its environs.

So, after you’ve familiarized yourself with the best places to buy your crypto, how do you purchase crypto in the UAE? If you are looking forward to getting detailed insight on how to purchase cryptocurrencies in UAE, continue reading;

How to Purchase Cryptocurrencies in UAE?

How to purchase crypto is simple and easy. The following are some of the items you’ll be compelled to do to buy crypto or Bitcoin in the UAE;

Opening a crypto account with a trusted crypto exchange
Upload your documents such as an ID for verifications
Deposit some money to your trading account
Now, purchase Bitcoin
Store your Bitcoin in your e-wallet.
Which Cryptocurrency should you purchase for your long-term project in UAE?
With the plethora of cryptocurrencies in the industry, it can be pretty cumbersome to select the best Cryptocurrency for your long-term investment in UAE. Fortunately, the following are the best cryptocurrencies you should purchase for your long-term investment in UAE;

Binance Coin and more.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a business setup company in Dubai that can help you start your company in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai Business Setup is here to help you out! Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can best help you!

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Dubai Bike License Total Fees 2022

A Dubai resident can obtain his or her driving license in three ways: they can either take an online driving test, an off-line driving test, or they can be issued a Dubai license by their employer. Dubai bike license total fees 2022, However, the age limit to obtain a driving license in Dubai is 18 years old only. To get your first driving license you will need to obtain your secondary school certificate or equivalent from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) before you apply for your Dubai Driver’s Licence.

What you need to apply for a bike license
To apply for a Dubai bike license, you’ll need to visit your local Municipality office. Once there, you’ll fill out paperwork and submit it with your payment (1,000 AED in 2022). You can then choose to get your bike license immediately or have it mailed to you later. Because of how often Dubai addresses change, you must include your Emirates ID number on all paperwork so that you won’t risk getting caught up in any mix-ups regarding where to send your card. A full list of Dubai bike license fees: – 1000 AED (USD 272): Initial fee to obtain a Dubai bike license. – 100 AED (USD 27): Renewal fee every two years after receiving your initial Dubai bike license. – 500 AED (USD 135): Replacement fee if you lose your Dubai bike license or it gets damaged beyond repair. – 50 AED (USD 13): Replacement fee if you move but don’t update your address information within 15 days of moving.

Cost of applying for a bike license in Dubai
The cost of applying for a bike license in Dubai varies depending on what type of bike you’re going to ride and where you live. For example, if you live in Jumeirah, your one-time fee will be AED 37, while Dubai Marina residents can expect to pay AED 39. If you want your bike license renewal before 2022 (changes are coming up!), it will cost AED 19 regardless of where you live. Here’s how much each Dubai bike license total fees 2022 will cost.

Applying for a bike license in Dubai is a pretty straightforward process that only takes between 15 and 20 minutes to complete. If you have all your paperwork ready, you can either take it down to your local municipality service center or apply online. When applying online, you’ll need to upload a copy of your Emirates ID and passport. You’ll also need proof of residence (such as an Emirates ID or utility bill) for every property that holds a ica smart services public services vehicle plate or license plate within Dubai Emirate regardless of whether it’s registered under your name or not. For example, if someone else owns their car but it is kept at your home address, then you will still need proof that it belongs to them.

How to apply for a bike license in Dubai.

First, register your vehicle. You can do so with Dubai Municipality. Next, apply for a bike license at Dubai Municipality and pay 10 AED in fees (USD 2.70). After getting your bike license sticker you’ll be given a card and told when you’re able to come back to renew it every year. Make sure to bring your registration certificate and passport with you as well as all of your related paperwork; otherwise, they will not issue you a bike license! If you still have questions about how to get a Dubai bike license or where to get one then contact us today! We’ll happily answer any questions you may have about the process.

Can I drive in the whole world with a Dubai license?
Yes, the Dubai license is accepted all over the world. UAE is part of the International Driving Permit (IDP). To know more about IDP read our post: Can I drive in the whole world with a Dubai license? Yes, you can drive in the whole world with a Dubai Driving Licence which gives you the freedom to travel anywhere in UAE or out of it by car. You need a valid UAE license to drive a car or bike. If your company has provided you with a bike then they will give you a Dubai driving license and IDP too.

To apply for a Dubai bike license you need to follow these steps:

If you have a valid UAE driving license then you can directly apply for a Dubai bike license with no need of taking any tests. If your license is expired or you don’t have it then you need to take the test.

Rules & Regulations: You must be a minimum of 18 years old and a maximum of 70 years old to apply for a Dubai driving license. The minimum age required for bikes is 16 years old.

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ICA smart service Dubai

At one point or another, all business owners in Dubai will likely run into issues with the Internet at their offices. Perhaps your Internet was out for a day, or maybe your connection was slow or unreliable – either way, it’s time to make the switch to ICA smart service Dubai! Here are the biggest benefits you can expect from switching over to ICA smart service Dubai; these benefits should give you an idea of why this type of internet connection has become so popular among businesses in Dubai and why it’s worth it to switch over.

ICA smart service Dubai: the ultimate guide to improving your business
In today’s economic climate, it’s increasingly difficult to get your product or service in front of people who are actively seeking it. With so many options available and so much competition, it can be frustrating to try to sell your own goods or services, even if you know they’re superior to others on the market right now. Luckily, there are ways to make sure that your business will be successful. To improve your marketing efforts, consider taking advantage of ICA smart service Dubai!

Why you should use it

If you’re an entrepreneur in one of a dozen different industries, chances are ICA Smart, one of UAE Business Visa most innovative government services and a great example of e-government at work could help you streamline operations and improve customer experience. Launched in January 2015, ICA Smart is a cross-government initiative that aims to replace visits to individual government entities (and standing in line for hours) with a more convenient online portal through which customers can obtain permits and licenses.

How it works

The registration process for Smart Service is simple.

You’ll first need to complete a form that you can find here and submit it by either fax or e-mail.
Once they’ve received your form, you will then receive an ICA Smart Service welcome pack in either a printed version or as an e-mail attachment.
The welcome pack includes instructions on how to install and use Smart Service, along with important information about how it works.
It also contains contact details for their customer supports team should you have any questions or problems during installation.
When all of these steps are completed, you are ready to start using ICA Smart Service Dubai!.

How will it help me grow my business?

This is perhaps one of the most important questions you’ll need to ask yourself before implementing a new IT system or ICA smart solution. Be sure that you understand how it will improve your bottom line and make your life easier. For example, having an automated teller machine (ATM) at home will allow you to conduct bank transactions on a 24/7 basis without having to leave work early or travel through heavy traffic.

Having access to more information about customers will help you provide better customer service and increase sales. And using electronic invoicing solutions can reduce errors in data entry, save time in invoice processing, and help prevent late payments. The answer might be as simple as this will make my job easier—and if so, that should be reason enough for implementation!

Do customers pay less for products with Smart Service?

Smart Service is a cost-effective way for ICA customers to pay less for products by leveraging discounts and special offers. This form of couponing has been used in Europe for over 15 years, and now it’s available here in Dubai! While coupons are still available, Smart Service is designed to help you save more money on everyday items by placing your purchases under certain conditions.

What product categories are supported by Smart Service now?

ICA Smart Service Dubai is currently able to track goods and services at a single level in most product categories, including Grocery, Electronics & Appliances, Sports & Leisure and others. Any products or services that have multiple levels – for example different sizes of a product – are not currently supported by ICA smart service Abu Dhabi. We hope that future developments will see our system expand support into multi-level categories. Please note however that we do have some products with unique sizing configurations that are supported.

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re interested in the ICA smart service Dubai – and you should be! Implementing the service in your business has been shown to have significant ROI and can help your business or company see an increase in growth and revenue, as well as better customer satisfaction.

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UAE Emirates ID E-Version Now Available via Smart App ICA

UAE News Update: An electronic version of your UAE ID will now be available for use on the ICA Smart app. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship has rolled out an electronic version of the Emirates ID.

UAE Now Issuing Emirates ID in e-version

This version will be made available via the ICA’s smart app which is downloadable in both iOS and Android platforms. The Identity and Citizenship Authority advised applicants to use this e-version of their Emirates ID for all their government transactions until their physical cards are printed out. The e-ID features a unique QR code which makes it easier for government agencies to identify an individual. The QR scanning technology will enable the immediate reading of the card and automatically generate the individual’s identity. The e-ID contains all data shown on the physical card through the information on the database. This e-version has the same validity as the physical card.

This move of the ica uae smart has been coordinated with all concerned authorities and is said to be part of the transition of the nation towards a new generation of identity cards and passports. All concerned service departments, business providers will honor this e-Emirates ID.

New Design of UAE Emirates IDs

The new design for the Emirati IDs and passports was first announced in November 2020 as the Cabinet met and was chaired by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashin Al Maktoum, the Vice President and the Prime Minister o UAE and the Ruler of Dubai. It was announced in this meeting that the current passports and IDs will be replaced with the new-generation designs which boast tighter security measures. The new IDs are designed to have additional visual and electronic security measures to fight identity fraud and strengthen the national and international credibility of the ID as a travel document.

Why do you need UAE Emirates IDs?

As a citizen or a resident, you are required to have an ica emirates id. The e-Emirates ID can be used in government-related services, get phone connections, utility service applications, pass immigration through the e-Gates and smart gates at the airports. It is also used to vote in the Federal National Council elections and can be used as a travel document for travels within the GCC.

Residents are encouraged to use this new e-ID in all Vigor services of the different sectors and take full benefit of the card as it is easier to use especially for online transactions.

In fact, some foreign investors normally seek support from professional business setup consultants in Dubai, to walk them through the whole practice.

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ICA smart service Sharjah

The Sharjah International Airport (IATA: SHJ, ICAO: OEGT) is an airport located about 9 kilometres east of the city of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, near the town of Dibba Al-His. It covers an area of 462 hectares and has two main terminals with three concourses each, one exclusively used by Air Arabia and its partners on Terminal 1 and another exclusively used by flydubai at Terminal 2. The airport handled 10 million passengers in 2013 making it the second busiest airport in the UAE after Dubai International Airport and growing to 15 million passengers by 2015.

ICA smart service Sharjah is here and it’s here to stay. Have you not heard of ICA smart services? Here are few facts that will definitely get you excited! Let’s begin with the name, smart service, which makes it clear that ICA has invested in technology in order to make your shopping experience that much better.

How many stores are there?

There are currently two branches of ICA smart service Sharjah. Both are located in Reem Mall, one on Ground Floor, next to Cinema and other near Kids Kingdom. How do I get there? The stores are easily accessible by car or public transport. You can drive your car into either mall’s parking lot, and then walk over to either branch. Or take a bus or taxi from anywhere in Sharjah; both malls are major transit hubs with easy access from anywhere in town.

How can customers pay in ICA Smart Service Stores?

Smart Service Stores provide customers with a wider range of payment options, including cash on delivery, bank card and credit card. These methods of payment can be used alongside our e-payment services. Customers are also able to pay their invoices online at any time. UAE Business Visa range of options available makes ICA Smart Service Stores convenient for all customers—whether they’re paying by cash or using a credit card.

How much do shoppers get rewarded at an ICA Smart Service Store?
Smart Shopper members can get as much as 8% of their purchases returned as points to be used at a later date. These points also increase with time, so there’s no limit to how much shoppers can accumulate. Smart Shopper members also earn RM10 cash back with every purchase above RM100 made within 2 weeks from registration. This cash back is usable only at an ICA Smart Service Sharjah Store and is capped at 3 times per month with a maximum of RM30 per transaction.

Does the customer need a loyalty card to collect points & rewards?
You need to acquire a loyalty card if you want to take advantage of all that ICA has to offer. This is a simple process and can be accomplished by simply submitting your Emirates ID, passport or valid driver’s license. You are required to register online through your personal profile at www.sharjah.ica.ae but it will only take 3 minutes.

Is there any additional payment option available for shoppers at an ICA Smart Service Store?

Yes, shoppers can pay using their RAKBANK Credit or Debit Cards at all ICA Smart Service Store. In addition to cash payment, shoppers can make cashless payment by swiping their RAKBANK Credit and Debit Cards on credit card terminals at our point of sale (POS) devices. ICA smart service Dubai For added security, shoppers are required to key-in their personal identification number (PIN) for each transaction with a single swipe of their debit or credit card.

Can customers use the old coupons from the previous shopping experience at the cashier?

Yes, coupons from previous shopping experiences at Uptown Mall are still applicable. Simply present your coupon at the cashier and it will be applied to your purchase. Cashiers are also available to help with coupon redemption if need be. Can customers use their old loyalty cards? Yes! All customers who had previously shopped at Uptown Mall can continue using their old loyalty cards when they shop at ICA Smart Service Sharjah.

This new service is designed to provide an integrated, cost-effective and efficient way of managing your home or business premises. It helps you monitor your assets by combining several smart services in a single platform for monitoring, control and automation. In addition, it also allows you to receive ICA alerts on suspicious activities such as movement or intrusion.

ICA has been synonymous with smart service in Dubai for decades, and you can expect the same high standard of service when you make the trip to Sharjah. Whether you’re looking to explore the attractions in town or just want a full-service grocery store on hand, ICA has got you covered!

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