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Everything You Need To Know About Car Oil Changes

How much do you know about car care? Oil changes for your car is one of the way that ensures care for your car. If you’re confused about car oil changes – the right time to do the change, how often, and what to look for – then you have come to the right place. Use these tips to guide you through the process of oil changes for your car.

When Should You Change the Oil?

You should use the manufacture’s manual as your guide for oil change. Don’t come up with your own assumptions on the intervals oil changes should be done based on past behavior or car mechanics who are after your money. In truth, if you have a genuine technician or auto spares parts dealer, they can guide you on when you should do the oil changes. All the same, it is important to follow the manual. Today, many cars are fitted with service reminders that send alerts when it’s time to so oil changes.   

Do You Check Oil Levels Often?

Oil levels should be checked regularly. Most auto spares parts stores and gas stations have the dipstick that is inserted in oil compartments to check the level. The dipsticks have indicators for proper oil levels such as letters L and H (for low and high) or the words MIN and MAX to show you the right level. The right level is when the oil level is between the two marks. Also pay attention to the oil color. If it has a milky appearance, the coolant could be leaking into the engine. If you find this problem, get your car to a genuine auto spares parts dealer or mechanic for proper diagnosis.

How Often Should You Do Oil Changes?

In the past, many cars needed oil changes every 3,000 miles or after 3 months. Modern cars have advanced in regards to engines and oil requirements. Today, there are cars that need oil changes after 7,500 to 10,000 miles. Again, you need to use the owner’s manual for this information. You should know that it’s not just about the miles, it’s important to strive to have the oil always fresh. Even for those that don’t drive their cars often, you should try to make oil changes at least twice a year. This is because oil declines in efficiency as it ages. Visit your trusted auto papers parts shop or garage and get oil change for your car.

Which Oil Should You Use for Your Car?

As earlier indicated, the manufacture’s guide details the right oil for your car. Don’t just assume that synthetics oil is okay for all cars. Knowing what’s recommended in the manufacturer’s manual is also important because you can control the cost. In fact, for those with older car models, your car may need special oil. If you not sure what oil your car needs, check online or contact a genuine auto spares parts shop.

Most importantly, you should ensure that you take care of your car. Don’t forget to follow the manufacturer’s guide because if you don’t do oil changes, your car’s engine could suffer extensive damage.

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