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Fuel Pumps-Common Causes and how to Identify it

A basic diagram to show how a fuel pump functions

Many people assume that of all auto parts, the engine is the most important. But you should know that without a fuel pump to complete its function, the engine is of no use. The role of the fuel pump is to pump the fuel that is stored in its tank to the engine. A malfunctioning pump is a serious risk to the performance and safety of your car. You need to know the signs of a faulty fuel pump so that you can have an auto spare parts dealer help you find a replacement.  

The Car Jerks or Suppers at High Speeds

You may notice that after driving a few miles in high speed, the car begins to jerk or sputter before it goes back to normal. Note that this is one of the signs of a malfunctioning fuel pump. The jerking occurs because the pump fails to deliver a consistent flow of fuel into the engine causing air to enter the engine instead of fuel. Such interruptions cause the engine to miss a number of power strokes and hence, the jerking. You may assume the jerking is caused by a dirty gas but with the way modern fuel pumps are designed, the pump is likely the problem. You may need a professional technician and genuine auto spare parts dealer to help rectify the problem.

The Car Loses Its Power When Accelerating

When accelerating from a stop, you may notice that the car keeps losing power. Note that when accelerating, the car requires more fuel and this requires the fuel pump to pump harder. If the pump is malfunctioning, it becomes a challenge to keep up with the increased demand. You need to have a technician determine the level of damage in the fuel pump and make repairs. If the damage is immense and the car stalls when you try to accelerate from a stop, you may have to go to an auto parts shop for a new fuel pump.

Car Loses Power Suddenly When Under Stress

Activities such as climbing a hill or carrying heavy load put extra stress on the engine. The engine requires more fuel to perform effectively. If the fuel pump is damaged, it is unable to keep up with the demand. When the car is under stress, it becomes difficult for the engine to work effectively when it is not getting sufficient fuel. If you find that the car loses power under such stress, you need to find a genuine spare parts shop for a replacement.

Engine Surge

When the engine fuel starts to malfunction, its various parts often wear out at varied intervals. If the mismatch is significant, the fuel lines experience inconsistency. In such conditions, you may be driving the car for a few minutes and suddenly it powerfully moves forward even without pressing the gas pedal. Auto parts dealers are familiar with such problems and can help you find an original fuel pump to avoid putting yourself and the vehicle at risk.

Car Won’t Start

When the fuel pump is completely damaged, it can be one of the reasons the engine refuses to start. Of course, there are many reasons why the engine may refuse to start.

What Can You Do

  • Let your car be examine by a professional repair shop
  • Don’t drive your car if it is experiencing any of these signs
  • Auto Plus Dubai can help you acquire OEM Auto genuine spare parts at affordable prices to help you replace the damaged fuel pump
Monday, April 1st, 2019

Stuck Gear Shift: Causes and Solutions

A stuck gear shift can be caused by various factors. It is often frustrating when you sit to drive your car and the gear shift is stuck. You should familiarize yourself with the causes of such a problem and how to solve it. If you have the skill, you can deal with the problem before you go to an auto parts shop.

Causes of a Stuck Gear Shift

  • Damage in the car’s safety mechanism:  The safety mechanism is designed to ensure that the car cannot leave park mode until the brake pedal is applied. The mechanism is possible through interlock solenoid that receives signals from the brake pedal when to release the gear shift. If the interlock solenoid is damaged, it is unable to receive the messages from the brake pedal. While interlock solenoid is built to last, if it causes problems such as getting the key stuck in the ignition or malfunctioning of the gear shift, you need a genuine spare parts shop to get you a new one.
  • Failure of the Brake Light Switch: Brake lights are connected to the shift interlock system. The brake lights are controlled by a switch and if the switch is faulty, the gear shift is likely to get stuck. A mechanic can help do the proper tests before going to an auto spare parts shop for a replacement of the switch.
  • Damaged Transmission Parking Pawl: The transmission parking pawl ensures that the car wheels stop rotating when you put the gear shift into park mode. This goes to say if the pawl is faulty it can interfere with the normal operation of the gear shift. Genuine auto spares parts dealers do the necessary tests to make sure that the pawl can be repaired or replace it for you.
  • Damaged Gear Shift Cables: Like most auto parts, the cables that link the transmission can wear and tear. Constantly speed shifting or slamming the gears can increase the likelihood of damaging the cables. If the cables are stretched, it becomes difficult to shift the gears or it gets stuck. An auto spare parts technician can easily replace these cables for enhanced performance of your car.
  • Weather: If you live where the weather sometimes goes below freezing, it can lead to low pressure causing a stuck gear. You can resolve this by heating your garage.

Best Solutions

  • Replacing the Gear Fuse: You may find that the fuses at the shift lock system are blown. All you require is consulting a technician and a genuine spare parts shop to determine what specific fuse is the problem and replace it.
  • Examination of Gear Shift Sensor: You may need the help of a professional to find this sensor and determine if it is stuck. A technician can use penetrating oil in the tight spaces and loosen any deposit causing it to get stuck. However, to address the problem permanently, you need an auto spare parts dealer to help you get a new sensor button to deal with the problem once and for all.
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Thursday, March 28th, 2019

What is Mercedes Distronic Plus?

Mercedes Distronic Plus is a type of adaptive cruise control system developed by engineers at Mercedes Benz. First let’s get an idea of what adaptive cruise control is and how it works? Adaptive cruise control is a system which automatically controls and manages the speed of vehicles.

It is a safety feature in luxury cars and is considered to be as an important system for future intelligent cars and self-driving vehicle. Adaptive cruise control maintains a safe distance between cars.

It controls and manages the speed of the vehicle while maintaining a safe distance from car in front and side as well at the same time. The driver just has to put in the speed limit, and destination in the satellite navigation system available in the vehicle.

Being put on the system works automatically and commutes the vehicle safely on the road to the destination while maintaining the set speed limit and safe distance between the cars at the same time.

It works with the help of a sophisticated arrangement of computer chips, sensors radars and cameras. Sensors and radars are used to measure the real time position of the car and of the objects around the surroundings of the car.

Sensors, radars and cameras together provide input to the computer, the signal provided by the different components is in the form of electrical quantity and computer chips performs mathematical calculations on the electrical signals coming in from the radars and sensors.

It then decides the safe distance from the vehicles in front of the vehicle and from the side ways and maintains it while cruising at the set speed in the adaptive cruise control system by the user.

The system will put brakes automatically in the safe distance is compromised by any number of situations. Be it the vehicle in front speeding down, be it any other vehicle coming too close or there can be any number of reasons but the system works in real time and processes data and takes actions in nanoseconds.

Adaptive cruise control also looks for lane changing and lane centering. The function of the cameras is to read the objects and the road ahead of the vehicle.


However there are some limitations to this systems such as it cannot perform overtaking vehicles and you have to touch the steering wheel after short intervals to let the system know that the driver isn’t inactive, otherwise the car will come to a complete halt. 

It may also not work efficiently in different weather conditions like heavy rain or fog. Dirt covering the sensors or sensors malfunctioning can lead to inefficient commuting and that is why the driver has to be vigilant all the time.

The adaptive cruise control does not self-drive the vehicle but provides some help and assistance to the driver. Mitsubishi was the car manufacturer to bring in the first stage of cruise controlling system by the name distance warning and was soon adopted and improved by almost every luxury car manufacturer in the world.

Mercedes Distronic Plus is one of the best adaptive cruise control system in its class which also comes with collision control and prevention system as standard in S-class.

Thank you for spending some time with us, do check out our other articles in our blog section on autoplusdubai.net.

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Monday, March 18th, 2019

BMW 8 series 2019, What is the Performance and How it runs?

The 8 series is supposed to be Pinnacle of the BMW range, so does it feel suitably special enough compared to normal BMWs to warrant that and we think yes it does just about. It doesn’t have the pizzazz of a Mercedes S class coupe but it is still pretty nice and we will tell you all about it in this.


It comes with a 4.4 liter 4395cc BMW TwinPower Turbo V8 engine with xDrive and intelligent all-wheel drive which produces 523 bhp at 5500-6000 and 553Nm of torque @1800-4600.

The new 8 series gets M-Sport upgrade on it and you get m sport steering wheel, M-Sports seatbelts and many more functions that you get in M-Sport. 8 series gets the latest version of BMWs iDrive and ambient lighting, adaptive dampers, steering wheel mounted paddle shifters and launch control and many more functions comes as standard in 8 series.

The 8 series has 8 speed sport automatic transmission with sport and manual shift modes.


  1. There’s quite a little space in the back of the car which is not suitable for adults and is quite less than you get in a Mercedes S-class coupe.
  2. The satellite-nav may have live traffic updates but it’s not always the smartest one when it comes to picking the best route.
  3. The car comes with a digital key which can be connected with an android phone only which is quite ironic because the iDrive only supports Apple carplay and not android auto.
  4. Makes weird noise when it accelerates. It sounds like a V8 petrol but you get artificial sounds from the car’s speakers.
  5. Really big heads up display which is nice and big and clear which shows stuffs such as speed limit, directions and if you are in sports mode a rev counter for the engine.
  6. High definition surround view cameras.
  7. Accord reversing assistant.
  8. Rear wheel steering. The back wheels turns in the opposite direction to the front wheels when you are driving slowly and that helps low speed maneuverability. When you go faster the back wheels turns in the same direction as the front wheels to aid high speed stability.
  9. The optional laser headlights are twice as bright as normal headlights and they can shine up to 600meters down the road.
  10. Active cruise control uses the sat-nav to see if there’s a bend in the road and decides if the car needs to slow down, look the feet aren’t touching the pedals, keeps you at the safe distance from the car in the front and side.
  11. Adaptive dampers suspensions as standard but it is not as good as you get in a Mercedes S-class coupe as it has air suspensions.
  12. It has plastic switches, not metals switches just like you get in Mercedes S-class coupe.
  13. Seats themselves are very comfortable and you can adjust them for lumbar support as well and stretch out the base for more under leg support, comfy on long journeys.
  14. 0-60 in 3.6 seconds and with a top speed of 155 mph which is electronically limited to 130 mph.

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Monday, March 18th, 2019

Six Important Things to Consider Before Purchasing Auto Spare Parts

Have you ever bought a product and later realized it is not up to the standards you expected? When buying auto spares parts, the same thing can happen. You need to BE well-informed to avoid falling prey to such problems. Buying auto parts should never be done in haste. This is especially so for drivers buying their parts online. You should consider some important factors to make a purchase that is not likely to disappoint you.

Know the Seller

Auto spare parts are expensive to acquire and you want to ensure that you buy from a genuine seller. You should not rush into any auto shop without fully knowing the quality of the product you will be getting. If you are doing purchases online, all the more reason to know your seller and their credibility. Auto Plus Dubai has been selling original OEM spare parts for over 15 years. Their credibility is proven as you will find by checking reviews online.

Comparison of Prices

Price of auto spares parts vary depending on the seller, quality, and source. You may find cheap auto parts but soon realize that they are secondhand or aftermarket. If you are buying from dealers of OEM parts, compare different prices from different dealers for the one that best suits your needs. The most important rule is to never settle for the first option without checking other alternatives. You will find that Auto Plus offers fair prices and you get the opportunity to compare similar OEM parts for different cars on the website.

Verify if the Auto Parts are Genuine

You may buy from a genuine auto parts dealer but the product could still be faulty or not working properly. You can use the product codes, part number, description, and compatibility among others to ensure you are getting the right product for your specific car.

Auto Part Warranty and Return Policy

A warranty is your insurance that you can return the product if it does not work as it as required. Most genuine spare parts have a warranty and a return policy that can be authenticated. Even if you buy the part online, you should be able to get a warranty. Auto Plus offers warranties for their auto spare parts and this is how they have retained their customers for many years.

Tracking Options and Cost

Purchasing auto parts online is very sensitive. In this way, verify all the shipping details including the tracking number and associated costs. You don’t want to make on online purchase and find hidden costs after the product arrives. With a tracking number, you can know exactly when your auto parts arrive and the overall cost.

Installation Details

You want to make sure that the spare part seller provides installation guidelines. There are many drivers who prefer to save costs by installing auto spare parts on their own. For example, one can replace parts like side mirrors, broken windows, drive belt, and brake lights among others. With installation guidelines some of these replacements can be done easily and quickly.

Auto Plus Dubai provides their customers with advise and customer support for any queries about genuine auto spare parts. You can reach the company any time and purchase your auto parts for improved performance of your car.

Monday, March 18th, 2019

Addressing the Problem of a Sticking Gas Pedal

Even though it is unlikely, a sticking gas pedal does happen. If you’re a driver, you would want to know what causes such a problem and how to address it. Understanding how to deal with a sticking gas pedal can help save a life. A malfunctioning gas pedal could be frightening to many drivers and so it is important to have it fixed as soon as possible by your auto parts technician or mechanic.

What Is a Sticking Gas Pedal?

A sticking gas pedal can occur when you step on the accelerator and when you remove your foot, the pedal returns to its position slower than usual. Other times, it feels stiff when you step on it or you find out that it is completely stuck. You may even find a situation where the car continues to accelerate fast even though you removed your foot from the gas pedal.

Causes of a Sticking Gas Pedal

One known cause for a sticking gas pedal is a dirty butterfly valve within the throttle body. This occurs when there is carbon buildup that causes the butterfly valve to malfunction. The butterfly valve is responsible for regulating the air that enters through the engine. When you step on the gas pedal, the valve opens to respond to the command sent by the gas pedal. However, with time too much carbon may accumulate in the valve and this causes the sticking. 

Fixing a Sticking Gas Pedal

If you notice your gas pedal is sticking, you will need to contact a genuine auto spare parts dealer or technician. The technician knows how to remove the throttle body that houses the butterfly valve and clean it properly. In most cases, a lot of slime or gunk builds up around the valve causing the gas pedal to stick. A genuine auto spares parts technician can help you by spraying the appropriate throttle body cleaner and use a sponge or soft brush to remove the gunk. When the inside of the throttle body and the valve are clean, your car’s gas pedal should no longer stick.

The Role of Auto Parts Technician

While a dirty valve could be a major culprit, you need a mechanic or take your car to a genuine auto parts dealer to check for other possible causes. The technician can check the condition of the throttle cable and the gas pedal assembly to ensure that they are well-fitted and functioning properly. The technician may find that a sensor or one of the springs in the throttle body may be completely damaged causing the problem. In this case, an auto spare parts technician needs to help you find an original throttle body for the replacement.

Regular Check-up and Maintenance

You can never underestimate the importance of regular maintenance for your car. You should note that a sticking pedal even a little bit, is very dangerous. To avoid such problems, always ensure your car is checked regularly by a mechanic or a genuine auto spare parts dealer for repairs or replacement.

If you need proper care for your car, contact Auto Plus Dubai. Auto Plus deals with OEM auto parts to ensure that they offer their customers the best services at all times.

Monday, March 18th, 2019

2019 Toyota Corolla Hatch: What Makes The Conservative Nameplate Bolder?

Without doubts, many car owners get pretty excited at the view of the 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatch. Not very long ago before tasting the ride, some could have thought the shared statements is a sign of madness. But hang on for a little more time this Corolla looks superior than the outgoing model with fully accomplished engineering sense. And who thought the words excellent and renovated will be put together in any sentence concerning a reasonable populist vehicle soon.

Fresh Styling Boosts The 2019 Corolla From Its Outgoing Version

Well, at last, corolla sees some styling mojo by emerging from the cocoon renewed and appealing. It looks like the new Toyota Corolla has existed since the early days of Noah, and has stood for a lot of its old characteristics. Similar things including reliability, old-fashioned transportation with a relaxing flavor. There are new effects to some extent because it has speedily discovered it will start challenging its rivals with its charm.


The car has no RSI renewal but harks back to manufacturers iconic 1.6l four-cylinder motor from the 1990s. the compelling thing here is that it produces a perky power amount of 115kW and peak torque of 150Nm. The engine is mated with a manual gearbox makes it work nicely as you drive. This feature caters for refined smooth, and a relaxed commuting pace. The unit is acceptable for open-road cruising and its overtaking prowess and high performance even at high altitudes.

Revolutionized Cabin

Kudos to the manufacturer Toyota, Corollas fresh-faced looks means it will no longer be headed for rental-car lots. The lower, energetic, and aggressiveness make it appealing to stylish and sensible customers. The infotainment system has been improved to be compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. And for the notable smartphone connectivity, it works well as expected by the tech-savvy buyers.

There is also an appreciated wireless charging and Bluetooth pairing to even newer phones reducing the worry about having cables. Storage within the cabin is decent with the accompanying well-sized cupholders that are well placed. The hatch comes in different shaded including Scarlet Metallic, Caribbean Blue and Oxide Bronze. Full of elegant soft-touch surfaces dominating inside, the seats are very compact and leather covered. The refined brushed metal on its headrests and front seats does not only add some sizzle but are also supportive.

Modernized Exterior

The car has sleek and modern external curves, as the embellished LED lights come handy to speak racers.  Its fresh multilink rear suspension increases the handling strength; steering responses and your ride’s comfort. The major theme of refinement makes the car feel impressively composed against the bumps. Corollas extended wheelbase prevents it from becoming choppy.

What About Servicing Your Corolla?

Of course, the market received this new Corolla; however not as it has been known for long. Now, all that the drivers need is some real excitement under the cabin. Crucially for every buyer who desires to keep the new car for an extended time while also retaining its durability and tough feeling inside and the outside, using Toyota genuine parts Dubai is the solution. Getting the right components to use is a hard aspect, but AutoPlus has something ideal for the feel of your cabin and controls making them not to ever break even after repeated use.

Monday, March 18th, 2019

Nissan Makes an Intelligent Choice – Big Name Invests in its 50th Outlet For Pre-Owned Car in Madurai

Purchasing a pre-used vehicle is a way many people get behind the wheel of luxurious models while saving money than it could be possible to buy a new one. For the drivers looking to get a used Nissan outright in Madurai, the manufacturer today released some good news.  Nissan India, a subsidiary of the Japan-based international auto maker, Nissan Motor Company, today inaugurated the 50th pre-owned car outlet in Madurai. The company has dubbed it Nissan Intelligent Choice, this a real opportunity to provide cash savings to potential buyers and also eliminate the frustrating lease mileage restrictions. The most recent NIC outlet took only fifteen months to get established as an office.

NIC operating in 43 Big cities now, what is the drive?

Many people have the fears of purchasing cars with shadowy past.for that reason, automakers like Nissan made the “certified pre-owned” label. Be sure to find cherry-picked vehicles only with lower mileage, and cleaner history. Additionally, the company offers protection against failings and even potential expensive repairs through the comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty. The cars also pass through multipoint checks to diagnose all the systems or parts in need of repairs. The cars certified by Nissan often get sold having three free scheduled inspections and also warranty running for 12 months plus 20,000 KMs.

Customers to interchange their vehicles for an all-new Nissan KICKS

The establishment of NIC aimed to provide the clients with pre-owned cars deals that are reliable and Value For Money. The customers can now exchange any vehicle regardless of its brand for a new Nissan or Datsun including the most recent KICKS. There are guaranteed rigorous and all-inclusive high-quality check processes for the cars to undergo. That is, to be specific a total of 167 inspection points carried out by the company’s technical experts.

During the inauguration, Nissan India’s Sales and Commercial Director, Hardeep Singh Brar, held that there is an increase in consumers for the look and need for decent deals on the used cars. So, this demand remains to be a key contributor to the sectors exponential growth for the past few years. In turn, it was a motivator for them to put the efforts and happily launch the outlet after initiation of the pre-owned car trade in India. This is in line with our strategy to expand the Nissan brand in tier 2 & 3 cities of India. The Madurai outlet will function as a one-stop store for customers seeking high-quality, systematically tested and dependable pre-owned cars for money value. Nissan is strategic about the plans to hit the Tier 1 and 2 auto segment in India. The services planned ultimately positions Nissan India to be the first and one auto manufacturer providing such offers on Pre-Owned cars within India.

Of course, dealers advertise CPO vehicles to be a better choice due to the extended warranty. On the contrary, many auto experts agree that frequently used cars provide better value. Besides, sometimes the unexpected problems rob you of that peace of mind and reduce reliability. But be sure whenever  repairs crop up, contact a certified Nissan spare parts manufacturer in Dubai. For original and genuine vehicle elements, then purchase from AutoPlus and smartly invest.

Monday, March 18th, 2019

2019 Nissan Kicks: Top Reasons Why You Need to buy one

The Indian market received Nissan Kicks very well moving the brand some steps ahead within the compact SUV sector. From the global company’s lineup, the car directly takes against its immediate best-seller, the latest Hyundai Creta. Even though Kicks just went on sale, it closely came across the extremely compelling offer than the manufacturer’s outgoing vehicle, the Terrano. So check out and learn the additional features Kicks package has and determine if you must buy one this year or wait for its upgrade.

Excellent Feature Packaging

The long and wider dimensions not only is selling component in auto the segment’s but also make the car’s presence on the road a well-off thing. The initials V-motion grille enhances the model’s masculinity, and its side profile is longer than what the rivals offer. Talking about Kicks exterior, the pictures speak more around that. This car has LED headlamps having daytime running illuminations, incorporated spoiler and rooftop rails plus dual-tone blacked exterior rearview mirror to provide a striking look.  The bodyside covering has satin that adds charm as you see it running.

Splendid Interiors

The Nissan Kicks interior embraces beautiful leather upholstery,  a slab nicely running on its dash and a free 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system which compatible to both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The components seem to be carefully attached, and there is a customizable list if a buyer is interested. Some of the add-ons include four airbags, rain-sensing wipers, a 360-degree camera, automatic and follow-me-home headlamps, and the front plus rear fog lamps. The other standard elements that this model is packed with are like the double front airbags, driver’s side seat adjustment, power windows, brake assist function, power-driven mirrors combined with indicators and automated climate control.


Mechanically, the carmaker provides the all-new SUV with both petrol and also diesel fuel engine options. And the petrol variant having a capacity of 1.5-liter four-cylinder that generates about 105 bhp of power with a peak torque of 142 Nm and matched with a five-speed manual powertrain. The diesel type has a unit of 1.5-liter four-cylinder capacity producing maximum power of 108 bhp with 240 Nm of torque and paired with a six-speed manual gearbox. The company has plans to improve Nissan Kicks with an automatic version on future stages.

Which Option Should You Buy?

The top variation of the model seems to have better packaging of extra features. That, however, means you must shell out more amounts to enjoy the better deal. Some of the components include several bells and hoots, electric foldable and adjustable exterior rearview mirrors, push-start button, front fog lamps having cornering functions, cruise control, follow-me-home, and auto headlamps among others. Well, everything is interesting about it without forgetting the all modern-day essentials that drivers today expect to find in a car.

Are not all the features and specifications Nissan Kicks comes with impressive? Of course, the car is well constructed, feels durable and also provides plenty of far elements. The functions make it keenly priced as well. Nonetheless, over time you will need to maintain to extend its life and also make your choice better and free from hassles. A visit to AutoPlus means you get the right Nissan car spare parts Dubai handy.

Monday, March 18th, 2019