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Honda City Next-generation Sedan Promised to Unveil Later this Year

Honda is presently gearing up towards the launch of the long-awaited new-gen City sedan in the Philippines in 2019. The all-new model is being worked on and speculated to arrive in good time as this year ends and start selling in Thailand and then followed by additional nations like India. Fortunately, the promised car is likely to become a big hit and comes to exist as a compact auto full of an appealing look. Also, the interior will be much comfortable and loaded with well-equipped features.

The Japanese carmaker made it from decades ago, and until this time, the City gained an outstanding thrive. With cumulative sales exceeding millions of units globally, this sedan got marked among the best-selling ones in the auto market. Despite being introduced with three versions, the manufacturer understands that a facelift is necessary to make the model remain hottest and many drivers favorite since the release date. And as 2019 ends, it will be the welcome time for this new generation car’s launch. Perhaps this is a real challenge to your patience to get the best out of it. Keep reading and learn the clues about Honda City.

What will be new about 2019 Honda City?

Some versions of this all-new car have appeared online to give a clue of in what way the coming one will look. Accordingly, its rear and front fascia will be an inspiration from Honda Insight. The front part comes decorated with a marked flying wheel and chrome-surfaced grille. Also, there will be a new hexagonal high grille adorned by horizontal boards and low-profile elegant LED headlights.  The bumper as well will get tiny air openings on its sides, positioned below the fog lamps.

Another distinguishing feature on the side is the simple design having fewer creases and shaping. Here there will be a sizable mirror added and decorated by incorporating chrome trim and turn indicators. For now, the rear has a revamped tailgate, decklid spoiler, and lowered LED tail illuminations. The cabin will come equipped with a fresher Digipad smart display infotainment system compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay inside.  

Engine and its performance

The engine of the upcoming Honda City version is as well expected to receive an upgrading. Honda will bring up to date the current ones to comply with the standards of BS6 emission. The option of a diesel motor will still be provided although the sales have indicated a significant decline in the latest years. The carmaker decided to include a CVT to remedy the situation in addition to the existing six-speed manual transmission. The next-gen model will get powered with an i-VTEC petrol mill of 1.5-liters capacity producing 117 hp plus 145 Nm of peak torque, and an i-DTEC diesel one of 1.5-Liter which can crank out 98 hp and a peak torque of 200 Nm. The diesel one will be strengthened to be less noisy.

Honda parts and accessories Dubai for nextgen City

Usually, drivers expect any car that is hitting the market with many nips and tucks to come equipped with excellent components. But without doubts, after some time the parts fail and demand repairs. And this is the time many hope to find better Honda parts and accessories Dubai for the inside and outside of the car. The carmaker will keep working with the dealers to ensure the customers get enough spares fitting this model. At present, AutoPlus has all that you need for this leading or any other vehicle from Honda.

Monday, March 18th, 2019

How to Ensure the Longevity of Some of the Most Important Auto Parts?

When you purchase a car, you delight in knowing that it is going to remain in good condition for a long time. But, it is important to consider the life span of some important auto parts so that you can prepare yourself beforehand. You don’t want to be faced with a situation where a part fails and you have no idea why it happened. Read on to get an insight on the average lifespan of some of the most essential parts for your car.

The Engine

There is probably no other part in a car that is as important as the engine. Many factors influence the longevity of a car’s engine and so it is difficult to put a solid number of years or miles you would expect it to last. Typically, manufacturers place the low end of an engine life as 150,000 miles and an upwards of 350,000 miles. For you to ensure your engine lasts, you need to do regular maintenance. You should contact your auto spare parts dealer or mechanic to help to change engine fluids regularly and clean the exhaust, as well as the filters. Poor auto car habits such as overloading, braking and accelerating too fast often shortens its lifespan.

Timing Belt

The timing belt protects the engine by ensuring that the camshaft and crankshaft rotate exactly at the right time to keep the pistons and valves synchronized. Failure of the timing belt could lead these parts to grind onto each other causing further damage to the engine. The lifespan of the timing belt is 50,000 to 100,000 miles. You will find that this lifespan is difficult to overcome because the timing belt gets damaged as the rubber wears out. You should ensure the safety of your engine by working with a genuine auto spares part dealer to have it replaced as per the manufacture’s schedule.

Brake Pads

Your car’s brakes are an important component because they promote safety by allowing you to stop quickly in case of an emergency. Damaged brakes also cause harm to the brake rotors and other constituents of the wheel. The lifespan of brakes is normally 30,000 to 70,000 miles. However, maintaining your brakes by avoiding constant hard braking can extend the longevity of the brake pads. You should also consider connecting with a genuine spare parts dealer for regular replacement of brake pads if you live in areas with hot temperatures, dusty or muddy, and even rocky terrain. Always ask for OEM brake pads because they last longer.

The Alternator

When the alternator fails you may hear a clicking sound when the ignition is turned on. Most drivers assume it is the battery that is dead. However, you quickly notice that the car does not start even after charging the battery. Alternators often last 50,000 to 10,000 miles but this depends on the electrical parts put in your car. You should always inquire from your mechanic or auto parts dealer to measure its health when doing regular maintenance. A genuine auto spare parts dealer will replace it for you when it is damaged to avoid the risk of being stranded on the roadside.

When you need these important parts replaced, reach out to Auto Plus Dubai for original (OEM) auto parts. Auto Plus serves clients on major cities in the UAE, Middle East, and also in Africa.

Monday, March 18th, 2019

Is It Time To Change Your Auto Spark Plugs

When a car has trouble starting, most drivers look at the battery. While this could be a possibility, you need to check your old or defective spark plugs because they could be the problem. Spark Plugs play a crucial role in your car system and they need to be in excellent condition. If you notice these signs in your car, it is possibly the best time to find a genuine auto spare parts shop to have the spark plugs replaced.

A Warning Engine Light

Damaged spark plugs prompt the engine light to come on or flash. Your engine may misfire prompting this warning and if it is a flashing light, your car at risk of disastrous misfires that can cause damage. Some of the signs to watch out for when there is misfiring spark plugs include irregular power when accelerating, rough idling, and you may also notice increase in exhaust emissions. You should note that engine light can occur because of various issues not only because of a spark plug problem. This is why you need a genuine auto spares part technician to do a thorough check before changing the spark plugs.

The Car Fails To Start Properly

Spark plugs are designed to give the spark necessary to power the engine. When the spark plug is faulty, it becomes difficult to power the engine. If you find that your car keeps stalling when you driving, the spark plugs could be faulty or the wires connecting the spark plugs are damaged. An auto parts dealer recognizes the difference between a spark plug problem and a battery problem. 

The Car Consumes Gas Faster Than Usual

When spark plugs are completely damaged, the car consumes gas faster. Damaged spark plugs cannot burn fuel effectively and so the consumption increases. If you have a misfiring spark plug, you may notice that you keep going to the fuelling station than you usually do. You need a competent technician or a genuine auto parts dealer to help you examine and identify the problem.

Low Acceleration Power

You should be pretty familiar with the acceleration power of your car. If you put your foot down and it feels as if the car is not responding effectively or the response is delayed, you could be having a problem with your spark plugs. Sometimes you may feel as if your car is trying hard to push itself forward. Such ‘sluggishness’ is not normal and you should reach out to your trusted auto spare parts shop or technician to replace the spark plugs. No one enjoys driving a car that seems to drag or gulp the fuel down.

Consider Your Manufacturer’s Specifications

In most cases, following the directions of the manufacturer when it comes to maintenance and servicing, you can keep your car in pretty good condition. Review the guidelines to see when you need to replace the spark plugs. The good thing is that spark plugs are durable and you can go up to 80,000 miles before you change them.

If you don’t have experience changing spark plugs, get your car to a qualified technician. At Auto Plus Dubai, you will get advice and genuine spare parts for your car. You can be sure that the spark plugs you get will help enhance the performance of your car.

Monday, March 18th, 2019

Options You Should Consider When Faced with Expensive Car Repairs

If you love driving, there’s probably nothing you hate more than realizing your car needs repairs. This is understandable because repairs are often expensive and time-consuming. It gets worse if you are short of money and cannot pay for the full cost of the repairs. You need to have alternatives to deal with such shortfalls because you still need your car. The good thing is that there are options you can consider when faced with expensive repairs or need to get new auto parts.

Negotiate For the Repairs

If you have a genuine auto parts dealer or a mechanic whom you trust, you can work out some arrangement to get your car fixed. Inquire for discounts or flexible payment plan to pay for the auto repairs. If you are dealing with a mechanic whom you have worked with and built a trusting relationship, finding a good compromise would not be impossible. If you don’t have a genuine spare parts dealer or mechanic to contact, you can look for one where they accept credit cards that set you up for monthly payment plan as opposed to paying a lump sum.

Shop Around For Alternatives

Auto spare parts shops differ. You find some mechanics or auto parts shops are located in high end places where the cost goes high. Some charge per hour while others give work-based estimates. Shop around for what best works for your needs by getting quotes from several auto spare parts shops or mechanics before you settle. You may find that you save yourself a lot of money to cater for all your repairs without having to pay credit. However, it is important to get recommendation from friends or online reviews to avoid being scammed by unscrupulous dealers.

Secure a Personal Loan

If you’re looking to save money, adding more credit card debt may not be the best option. You could benefit by applying for a personal loan from your bank or credit union, or even from an acquaintance or family member. Regardless of where you get your personal loan, ensure you establish a realistic payment plan that allows you to pay up to avoid causing problems in future. You don’t want to end up hurting your credit or worse your relationships.

Sell a personal Item

When in need of some quick cash, look around your home or house for items that you rarely use or need. You can sell these items by doing a garage sale or sell online in websites such as eBay. It may seem odd but selling items you don’t need can help you make some quick bucks. You can find yourself making more than you needed by selling those electronics, clothing, or household items that are lying unused. You can use this money to reach out to a genuine spare parts dealer or mechanic to have you car fully repaired.

Always Consider Approved Auto Repair Shops

Once you have your money, make sure that you get genuine parts for your car. While it can be tempting to buy secondhand or aftermarket auto parts, they may not last long and you may find yourself back with the same problems in a few weeks or months. Consider factory (OEM) genuine parts that enhance the performance of your car. At Auto Plus Dubai, you will find genuine spare parts designed specifically for your car.

Monday, March 18th, 2019

Renault Competes Ahead With Electric Vehicles In France

The European auto market recognizes Renault Zoe as one consistent and top-selling electric car. And with that, the company is aware the hotcake is almost receiving some severe competition. But the automaker decided to refresh the vehicle with a range of features considerably. Considering that driving in extreme temperature can adversely impact the car’s battery performance, without the right advice you can experience reduced battery life. That means you will not even take advantage of every feature offered by your car.

Why are Extreme temperatures a rival to electric car batteries?

The recent introduction from Renault will however only give you comfortable rides and perfect road manners if you maintain its temperature constant. There is a required level to ensure proper battery operation. Severe cold and heat reduce the average performance and efficiency regarding the range and charging capacity. The carmaker adds that using the car’s heating system will also impact the electric car’s working. Fortunately, following some existing smart solutions will limit the energy consumption in every weather.

Little things can bring a huge difference to ZOE’s battery life

The first thing that Renault recommends is that all drivers must charge the battery fully before leaving. Doing this will provide a greater range while either you turn on the cars heating system or even using pre-conditioning. The Inside charge indicator is available on your ZOE to allow you to program the system using your smartphone or even a card before hitting the road.

If you initiate pre-conditioning while having your car connected to any power source, the necessary energy that heats the inside will be from its electric grid, thus not affecting the range. In that way, you not only easily drive with a relaxed mind but also optimize your energy consumption.

Are you a smooth driver?

Apart from changing to the automatic ECO mode, the way you drive can as well have a substantial impact on your car’s energy consumption. In case you desire to enjoy your ZOE’s aggressive speeds, you will touch on energy use. With the extreme temperatures, the carmaker Renault advice all drivers to take advantage and try eco-driving styles. Of course, the extent at which you avoid making sudden breaks and starts will determine how much you can save the battery’s energy. Driers can always choose to anticipate the next moves to have the best and smooth rides while also reducing energy consumption.

Additionally, regenerative braking rounds out the car’s power use. With this, you can store energy throughout the severe braking and deceleration moments. Renault has developed this type of energy regaining braking system to convert moving energy to electrical. Drivers can now recover about 20% of Zoe’s range once the trip ends. Opting to park your vehicle in an enclosed area or a garage can protect d it from serious temperature changes.

What is the take of AutoPlus Dubai?

That Renault’s EV vehicle somehow aligns to what many drivers have expected. Following the fact that even upgraded cars are prone to get damaged after or during a long trip in adverse conditions, the renown Renault spare parts supplier AutoPlus recommends you must help the battery remain at bay with the temperature changes. Considering purchasing the accessories from the store means you get competitive price offerings to enable you to hit the road for an extended time without problems.

Tuesday, March 12th, 2019

What is EBD and How it works?

A quick glace will help you understand visually why this feature is so important for vehicles

EBD is an abbreviation for Electronic Brake-force Distribution system. Today, most of the vehicles on road comes with ABS and EBD system integrated in them.

We have a separate article dedicated on what ABS is and how it works on our blog post page. You just have to search for it.

In this article we will focus on what is EBD and how it helps in making our vehicles more safe and sound. To understand EBD we have to understand how barking works in vehicle which is not EBD enabled.

What is EBD?

In a vehicle which does not have EBD, while braking will exert full and equal force on each wheel of the vehicle irrespective of the weight being put on any particular wheel of the vehicle.

In this scenario the wheels may skid and steering becomes very difficult, which results in the loss of control over the vehicle.

To overcome this scenario we have EBD enabled vehicles on road. Electronic Brake-force Distribution System exerts distributed force on every wheel of the vehicle depending upon the weight and pressure being exerted on it.

To have a better understanding of EBD first let’s get a hold on a little science. The more the weight the more force you need to exert to stop any moving vehicle and vice versa. That’s it!

This is all the science you need to know for this. EBD has 3 main components in its system. Speed and weight sensors. Electronic control unit and brake force modulators. The sensors on each individual wheel senses the weight on each wheel and the speed of the wheel.

How EBD works?

Speed of the vehicle is scrutinized and the difference between RPM of the engine and the rotation of the wheel is examined.  This is done so because sometimes the speed of the vehicle might not be same as speed of wheel (speed not rotation of the wheel).

This situation may express that the wheel is skidding. So it is important to read these different speeds and signals. The data (weight on each wheel and speed of vehicle, RPM, rotation and speed of wheel) is then sent to the electronic control unit, which is nothing but a small one inch chip which calculates and performs different mathematical operation on the signal and decides, what amount of brake force is to be applied to every individual wheel of the vehicle.

In correspondence to this data works the brake force modulator which controls the pressure on brake discs and controls the speed of each individual wheel.

Why we need EBD?

Now a question comes up in our mind why do we need to apply different brake forces of different wheels of the vehicle. Remember the science concept I told you about. When a car is empty (only equipped by driver) the weight on front wheels (wheel taking weight of the engine) is primarily more than the rear wheel so according to our science concept the front wheels needs more brake force than rear wheel.

And when the car is fully loaded the weight on rear wheels increases and need brake force accordingly, EBD system performs all of these operation in Nano milliseconds to keep you safe and sound on road.

Now that you have learned about EBD, do visit autoplus dubai in case your car needs some repair or you need genuine spare parts in dubai.

Tuesday, March 12th, 2019

What is ABS and How it works?

A quick demonstration of what is ABS and how it can help car driver improve their safety.

ABS is an abbreviation for Anti-lock braking system. Before we get into the core of this topic anymore first we have to understand a simple phenomenon which will help us give us a better understanding on this topic.

Why ABS is Important?

Suppose a person driving a car which does not have an ABS system in it. He is driving his car a considerable high speed and suddenly something gets into his way forward on the road and he has to hit hard on the brakes with all the power he has in his legs.

This will make the brakes shoes to grasp on brake discs which will stop the wheels of the vehicles immediately bringing them into a lock position.

Thing to note here is that only the wheels will come to a full stop and not the vehicle because of the momentum and inertia of the car or in simple words the speed of the car resulting in skidding of the vehicle.

And because the wheels have been locked and forward inertia of the vehicle the driver will be unable stop the car and to make things worse we won’t even be able to steer his way through the obstacle because of the locking of the wheels.

This phenomenon of locking of wheels because of hard braking in any situation while the vehicle is moving is called Locking of Brakes.

It was discovered by automakers back in late 1920s and a solution which is called Anti-lock Braking System or ABS was introduced in 1950s but was very expensive and was in the initial stages of development.

But an effective and operational ABS was introduced in 1970s. Enough of the history now let’s get the hold of the concept how an ABS works.

Anti-lock braking system as the name says it all prevents the wheels of the vehicle from getting locked in any situation where vehicle has to be stopped with immediate effect.

How ABS works?

Now a question comes up in mind that how it works or how abs does it? ABS is a sophisticated system but to make it understandable to a 5 year old boy, here’s how it works.

A vehicle having ABS have speed sensors placed at all the wheels of the vehicle which senses and monitors the deceleration rate and the speed of the vehicle.

This data in form an electrical signal is then sent to ABS modular unit which decodes and analysis this signal which was sent in electrical form. A computer in ABS modular unit decides if the current rate of deceleration will cause the wheels to get lock or not?

Mathematical operations on signal are performed and the result is sent to ABS controller unit which controls the deceleration rate by increasing or decreasing the pressure on the brake discs.

Pressure is made by pressurized oil flowing through the brake coils and a pump and valve controls this pressure on the brake discs.

ABS controller unit controls the valve and the pump to increase or decrease the pressure on brake discs and keeps the deceleration rate at the appropriate level to bring down the vehicle to stand still while keeping the wheels of the vehicles moving and preventing them from getting in a lock position.

This system makes sure that the control of the vehicles stays in the hands of driver. Now that you have understood about ABS make sure to drop by AutoPlus Dubai to purchase genuine spare parts in case you need some for your vehicle.

Tuesday, March 12th, 2019

Renault Selects Full Track and Trace for Parts Distribution to the Dealerships

From 2005, Renault has always distributed spare parts to many dealerships globally. With the strive of providing high-quality services to every client, the car maker usually delivers the orders within a day.  And on several occasions, necessary supplies are available whenever requested. Despite the use of roll containers and giving only the driver a key to the protected area, the warehouses still experience problems. In that way, the factory got driven to implement the project dubbed Full Track and Trace. The truth is, the service from Renault is at risk when they overstock or understock. So when the source of the parts is known, it is easy to have them traceable.

The Challenge

The main concern of Renault comes from the expenses needed to track, trace and recover the rolls properly. The existing system never monitored the process and forced the company to carry out a verification weekly. In the end, they got pushed to purchase new rolls to replace the ones that got lost. That means a solution was necessary to eliminate the problem of extra costs from losses and register and trace all the containers.

The Solution

Unlike the current system, the manufacturer uses software installed within a centralized PC. The data collected from the parts to be distributed stored on their server. In the end, no separate updates will be necessary leaving the information secure where it is located. The back-office application then finally processes every received and sent roll-containers details.

The Results

The chosen scanner communicates bi-directionally using the application placed centrally. With this, the back office operator can save the information quickly. The manufacturer intended this project to be for users and ensured the concept is a simple one. The user-friendliness also eliminates confusion and prevents the risks of misread results. Renault also confirms this fully meets the requirements and avoids time wastage.

Additionally, with Full Track and Trace, you can access the history of every product’s composition from production to distribution. Also, it becomes possible to monitor every step of the manufacturing journey starting with the origin, suppliers, store locations, logistics, among others. In the end, the essential resource will affect the running of the future factory and every industrial sector particularly car parts. The project matches the quality approach not only to improves product identification but also to regulate the products sold to vehicle buyers.

What are the benefits for Renault parts Dubai consumers and Renault Group?

Renault understands all the customers need an increasingly custom-built car equipped with current technologies. That means the dealers know the correct part straightway to be fitted to every model to make it compliant. The project allows Renault parts Dubai store to manage the full range provided and ensures every necessary product stocked.

At AutoPlus you will find all genuine and original accessories that will improve not only your car’s design but also retain the behavior of the existing parts. Here you will get quality items, which are quickly delivered to you to improve your efficiency and focus on your investment satisfaction. Finding the perfect product is critical for your road trips and relationship with any dealerships.

Tuesday, March 12th, 2019

Twingo Immerses Perfectly into Renault’s Design Collections with its EDC automated gearbox

New Model of Renault Twingo

The new design of the Twingo marks a fresh chapter of Renaults story going to many years back.  The recently unveiled car gives car owners the opportunity to re-experience the richness of Groupe Renault’s legacy. With a complete external development and an internal revolution, it evokes the treasures in the thousands of sketches and drawings in the company’s inventories. Of course, the French take on this model has a mid-cycle revival to stay competitive in the auto market. It looks cute as the buttons are, the small hatchback looks like its predecessor. However, the magical spirit lies in the parts of this city made even for starter drivers.

Sleek Exterior

The completely redesigned Renault takes a pronounced shape that makes it look chic and updated. The introduced style is evident on its lighting signature with LED headlamp clusters that run during the day. The light technology is unique to this small city vehicle as the drivers can quickly turn. Its rear bumper also received an upgrade using the added decorative trims while the front one reveals a chick design on the big painted surface.  

The integrated graphics on the front grille particularly on the side air inlets make Twingo look full of space. The team as well fiddled its top-trim level by providing a chrome-surface to make the car distinguishing. As the changes continue, you can notice the “C” light style on the taillights as the tailgate embraces an easy-to-operate handle placed below the back wiper. Interestingly, the ride height got slightly lowered to minimize the drag factor and thus increase fuel efficiency.

EDC automated gearbox

For the very first time, Twingo comes loaded with an EDC automatic gearbox. The feature is intended to relieve drivers from the tedious task of changing gears when caught in traffic. Indeed, innovation makes life stress-free since you spend many hours in the car as Renault purposed. Urban driving includes several times of uninterrupted speeding up, decelerating and shifting gears. And the New Twingo suits this type of city environment laving you with pleasant road moments.

Dynamic Interior

One distinguishing feature of Twingo steps within the pintsized cabin. The recent version in Renaults range has an update of a 7-inch display with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Its new seat upholstery makes the vehicle agile and fun to ride in even in long rips. The white finish thrown on the dashboard spices up things as it adds to the topstitching used on its door’ armrests. For the coffee lover, you will find the center console entirely reconfigured to allow an adjustable upright holding even for your smartphone’s position. Also, the car comes with one jack plug and double USB ports.


The hatchback has a selection of two petrol engines with each having three cylinders. The logically pronounced 1.0-liter is created entirely to its five-speed manual transmission. The system can produce either 65 or 75 hp, and also push 95 Nm of torque. Alternatively, the turbocharged unit is 0.9-liter and provides 93 hp, and 135 Nm to the cars rear axle.

New Renault TWINGO + Renault car parts Dubai = no further problems.

The subtle styling tweaks of Twingo makes this French city vehicle very adorable. Without a word regarding the hotter features, every car owner will probably not need to wait longer to buy its components for repairs. AutoPlus provides high-quality Renault car parts Dubai that will make you not to overpay. Within a simple click, you can place your order and avoid future problem while on the road.

Tuesday, March 12th, 2019

2019 Renault Launches The Alaskan ICE Version With Enhanced Features

With the newer version of Renault trucks, is will grab attention for many planning to get hold of this newer model sutiable for cold driving conditions

For many years, the design of Renault vehicles remains to be the leading selling measure to the brand. The working strategy has left many people wondering how exactly this automaker got to this point. Well, the team, have always organized their operation for the past few decades. And the truth is no plans have hit them to stop there but only get the mended reins to acquire a tougher identity in the global market.

The efforts have in turn led to the immediate foundation laid for introducing more emotional designs that get the customers to recognize the models within a glance. The recently unveiled Alaskan ICE Edition reflects the running diversity within the Renault range. But what features highlight the dimension of the people about this hardtop? Let’s check out

Enhanced Design

The first time the no stunning Renault Alaskan pick-up got introduced was back in 2017. But now the strong design has made its front section to change and receive the conversant Renault looks. That means the truck has a fresher grille, headlight, bonnet, and bumpers. However, the back has only the tailgates central part altered through flattening to create room for Alaskan badging. The vehicles ice-white color compares well with the red and black outside touches. The high-class two-color hardtop provides additional storage space to keep the cargo safe during transport. The black cutting bars, wing protectors, 18-inch black aluminum wheel rims, all-terrain tires, shark antenna and many more makes the car demonstrates the customization making. The model will remain stunning as before, with its stylish, strong lines and front end.

Comfortable Interior

The inside of this cabin still manages to remain practical and very comfortable for your road times. Its animated front seats have an eight-way modifiable seat for the driver to make the rides more relaxing, while the pickup continues to work with its decent storage space. With the continuing growth in demand for the seven-speed gearbox and automatic transmissions, this pickup is well-matched and responsive with its 187 bhp engine. Even though the reasonably small-capacity of the 2.3-liter engine can scare away some buyers, it still works well. In top power rating, it will, however, operate quite hard but with the torque evenly spreading across its bottom part. Besides space, you get five leather seats and also an audio system with six Focal hi-fi speakers having full Dôme Flax tech. The Alaskan ICE Edition provides a superior sound experience that will enable you to enjoy all the moments you spend on board.

Versatile Operations

The design of Alaskan ICE Edition car makes it deal with all kinds of a scenario including use for business, leisure or off-road. The included a two-tone hardtop, lockable tailgate, sliding or lockable bedcover, and a protector among others make the car suitable for use either professionally or personally.  Not only is the car tough but also fuel-efficient with economical fuel use in the auto market.

The Alaskan: Customized Solutions

The launch of the vehicle shows the thrive of the implemented fresher design strategy. While this iconic car perpetuates the potential by optimizing its strengths, there are further details to what this means to the part dealers.  All thanks to specialized Renault network, the brand revolutionizes without overlooking to provide the best accessories. The show vehicle has a range of solutions to make life easy for the drivers both for leisure and work.

Alaskan owners will rely on the expertise from the AutoPlus team to get your tailor-made vehicle components. At this store, it is sure you will find your select Renault auto car spare parts Dubai that match the Factory provisions. You can check through the website and place your orders for original and genuine elements.

Tuesday, March 12th, 2019