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Why Your Car’s AC Compressor Could Be Failing

You may have noticed that your air conditioner has stopped working or is not working properly. The problem could be minor such as a lose wire. But if it is your AC compressor that fails, there is a high risk that it can cause a breakdown of your air conditioning system. The compressor is an essential but expensive component of the AC unit. You may need to visit your mechanic and sometimes a genuine spare parts dealer to get the problem fixed. All the same, you need to be aware of the some of the problems that could cause the AC compressor to fail.

Dirty Coils

As you continue using your car, dirt, grime, and mineral scales can cause blockage in the condenser oil. The blockage makes it difficult for the air conditioner to eject sufficient heat from the system. When this occurs, your system will keep running trying to cool. The increased pressure on the AC causes the compressor to overheat causing damage. In the worst case scenario, the compressor may get too damaged that you may need to get to your auto spares dealer to get it replaced.

Blockage in the Suction Lines

It is possible for dirt and debris to cause blockage or damage to the refrigerant lines. You will notice this problem if the AC is not cooling effectively. When this problem is not fixed, any increase in pressure and temperature leads to the overheating. Your mechanic will help identify the blockage and clean it out before the damage causes the compressor to stop working.

Damaged Suction Line

Your refrigerant may have a leak causing low pressure in your AC. A leak in the refrigerant need to be replaced by an experienced an AC technician. Since you will need a replacement, ensure that visit a genuine auto spares shop to get the right parts. A poor replacement could end up costing you more money to replace the entire compressor. There have been cases where an inexperienced mechanic adds excess refrigerant or sometimes the wrong type. Such mistakes cause severe damage to the compressor that it need to be replaced in entirety.  

Check for Electrical Problems

Most problems in the AC compressor are caused by electrical problems. Electrical problems cause buildup of acids in the compressor. A qualified technician should check your car if your compressor stops working. Electrical problems cause burnout in the wiring connecting to the AC compressor. The technician should repair the damaged wiring, contractors, as well as fuses in the AC. These electrical systems need to be replaced in a genuine auto spares shop to avoid poor quality electrical gadgets that can further damage the AC.

Facing a Dead HVAC Compressor

If these repairs fail to fix the AC compressor, you need to change these auto parts. If the compressor is dead, it needs replacement to start working again. Otherwise, you may need to have the whole air conditioning system replaced.

Auto Plus Dubai is a one-stop-shop where you will get high quality and genuine parts. Auto Plus deals with OEM parts and so you can be sure that your will get the right auto parts to correct your AC compressor.

Sunday, March 3rd, 2019

Are Ford Genuine Spare Parts Dubai Needed?

With the vehicles increasingly becoming modern, without doubts, it means far-reaching technology is necessary. The use of genuine spare parts is no exception to the current automotive industry. Not only are these used to make your car but the high quality is also necessary for your servicing works. Of course, while you drive you always desire the performance and protection go how it is intended. That brings the concern about the need of Ford Genuine Spare Parts Dubai following a crash or during maintenance. Check and find out if it is essential to source and use only authorized parts.

1. Reliability is Important

Genuine spare parts generally are critical to protecting your investments. So, many big manufacturing companies that have existed for years have refined supply channels. Even though some believe that they can save hundreds of dollars by opting to buy car parts from the black market, one possible thing you can get is the disrupted work schedule. In turn, the general vehicle warranty gets affected negatively and may turn out to be useless. But using Ford genuine parts means you fit in what is designed for it. With this, you will extend the vehicles life under normal running conditions. Besides, the quality is correct during the manufacture of every Ford motor vehicle.

2. Get Active parts stocked

Undoubtedly, as your vehicle gets old, the parts wear out faster than normal. But, you do not need to think of buying another car, this is an opportunity to opt for replacement. And at such times, you will find counter brands available to convince you they are the same to the recommended Genuine Ford parts. Quite often the similar characteristics to the green eyes make them considered the same. Remember that your model’s manufacturer will never validate the use of such alternative parts. Genuine parts are rigorously tested and meet the expected high market standards. The right stores always stock the recommended options for you to use. With the global commitment to continuing customer satisfaction, if you use only genuine parts, you will have a peace of mind.

3. Enjoy Approved and Allround operations

Choosing Ford Genuine parts guarantees same standards realized during manufacture. With this, you keep the car also Genuine and run like the initially intended reliability. Fitting the recommended components not only makes you follow the original expectations but also guarantees safety. So, insisting on the use of such parts to your vehicle maintains the value even without jeopardizing the warranty. The original spare parts are considered to offer a perfect operation and integrity. The compatibility with your existing components means you get a proper fit without the need to make any modifications. In the end, there are no negative impacts on the resale value and also avoided excessive wear expenses.

Where Will You Get Genuine Parts?

At AutoPlus, you will find only genuine, right, quality tested and the reliable spare parts to fit your Ford. The one-stop Dubai shop has all your requirements to ensure you conveniently access the Centre for the best components for your favourite car. The qualified and competent personnel will assure you efficient services every time. For further help, feel free to call the helpline number and have your vehicle reflect your lifestyle.

Sunday, March 3rd, 2019

Reasons You Need To Buy Nissan Genuine Spare Parts Dubai

Regardless of the way you care and maintain your car, at some point, you will need to replace something. You can be lucky when you experience a single tear and wear, and become unlucky if you get involved in a collision or crash. Whatsoever your reason, for reliable repairs you need to visit an authorized dealer and purchase genuine spare parts. But how will you know that Nissan Genuine Spare Parts Dubai is the best choice? The reality is that the cheap ones are costly in the long run. Here are 3 good reasons you need to opt for the higher expenses.

1.Reduce Stress and Save Time

With the emergence of a myriad of fake products in the auto sector, selecting the right replacement part is exhausting. If you get tempted to buy the wrong ones, you need to be ready for continuous knock-offs. Luckily, going to the original manufacturer can save you from the stress and help you avoid what your vehicle does not need. Of course, getting and choosing genuine parts is more relaxed today and not time consuming. You can go to the stores or contact the representatives online to advise on the specific option for your machine. Besides, this cuts down on time you would spend trying to compare prices, alternatives, and compatibility. Buying quality spare parts will also minimize possible downtime issues and prevents wasting time in repairing every time. So, you can use your Nisan for some time without recording any problems.

2. High-Quality and Performance

One thing that distinguishes genuine spare parts from others is the way they get designed. Nissan genuine parts get manufactured within the same factories that built your cars. So, you cannot compare the unique makes with the multi-purpose parts intended to fit many car models. The representatives from your select parts retailer need to give a detailed explanation of the differences. Mainly, you will realize this in the performance and enjoy the efficiency. Even though you will find cheaper aftermarket parts, you need to think about the end cost. The right piece is optimized for only your car model and will not cause additional issues if you use them for replacements.

3. Car Maintainance

Another serious thing no car owner should not overlook is safety. Whenever you take to the road it is obvious you expect some level of protection while using the vehicles. For that reason,  you need to make the correct decision when buying spare parts to fit into your car. Sticking to the right options will not only maintain your vehicles life but also not compromise your safety. The components are explicitly made for your model, and so it will work well and avoid incidences of accidents. So, keep your car’s condition by ensuring it is new and also functioning well with the right replacement.

Whenever you visit AutoPlus be sure to get quality items that give you confidence and safety on the road. Here, you will find all the Nissan genuine spare parts Dubai that your car needs. That means you will be buying what is built precisely for your model. In essence, the items give maximum effectiveness and cruising time. So, everytime you think of getting any car part call today and buy something genuine.

Sunday, March 3rd, 2019

How to Identify a Good Auto Spare Parts Shop for Your Toyota

Always look for a well stocked toyota spare part shop that has a huge range of products with best prices readily available.

You’re cruising down the road with your Toyota and you feel something is not right. When you decide to take your car to get new spare parts, ensure that you identify a good shop. Don’t just settle for any shop that you find on your way. Before you make any considerations, remember that routine maintenance is different from getting auto spare parts. If you are searching for a good and reputable shop to take your car, use these tips. 

Look for Referrals

If your Toyota need spare parts, the best referrals can come from your friends and family. You probably know many people who have been driving a Toyota for decades. These people have the experience and knowledge of the best mechanics near your location. Going for a genuine dealer shop is essential to avoid being scammed and save your money.

Do a Search of Auto Spare Parts Shop before Facing an Emergency

If your engine stalls, you cannot move your car and you may find yourself in a hurry to get it fixed. If you want Toyota genuine auto parts, shop around and keep this information safely before you get into such an emergency. When you are in a rush to get your car fixed, your judgment can easily be clouded. This often leads to hasty decisions that you may come to regret.

Check Online for Good Reviews

Toyota is a company that has been around for many years. You will find that there are thousands of online reviews about Toyota spare parts and dealer shops. Make sure you check reviews from credible websites where they have unbiased consumers. You can check Toyota official website based in your location. Auto Plus Dubai is one of the most genuine shop that sells OEM spare parts. Auto Plus Dubai ships Toyota genuine auto spare parts to different locations in UAE, Middle east, and Africa.  

Look for Estimates

If your car needs major repairs, look for estimates. If you don’t have a regular shop where you take your car for repairs, you can easily get conned through exaggerated prices. You can get different estimates from different dealers, friends, and even online. Written estimates guarantee that you can identify a dealer shop that is trying to scum you. Looking for estimates may also help you realize when one shop misdiagnoses a problem on your car. Make sure that you get your estimates from genuine and recommended shops for a better evaluation.

Develop A Relationship With A Mechanic You Settle For

Just like the way you develop a good relationship with your barber or hair saloon, you need to do the same with a genuine auto spares shop. Find out the person who will work on your car if several people work there. Once the job is done, you can be able to tell in a few days if your car was in good hands. From there develop a good relationship with the auto spares dealer who has given your car the care it needed.

At Auto Plus Dubai, you will receive guidance and quality customer service for your car. They deal with all types of Toyota genuine spare parts at affordable prices. Contact Auto Plus and you can be assured of superior spare parts.  

Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

How To Identify Toyota Genuine Spare Parts Dubai From Fake

With the trend of many automotive service centers using fake parts, preventive maintenance will no longer be useful soon. Even though rough driving and car aging could be liable for the need for regular replacement, the repair works are necessary. The process is not cheap and thus forces your services provider to try cutting corners to reduce the total costs. For you to avoid the risks, car owners not only need to understand the components but also determine whether only Toyota genuine spare parts Dubai are used or not. Honestly, there is a huge difference between a fake and original product, and you must tackle the problem well. Check out how.

1. Logo use

Every Toyota manufacturer provides OEM parts meant only for your car. The brands are new, unused, and high-quality with the original logos created on all the components. But fraudsters make false plastic covers and releases to the markets for the innocent buyers. Well, the products result in many security issues regarding the material used, design, performance, and above all safety. Of course, you cannot compare the quality of what the originals offer. The fakes do not undergo any testing and so do not meet the changing market standards. Despite the full range of types, the problem is that the inferior parts are the wrong choice.

2. Social networks awareness

The carmaker Toyota is troubled with the growing counterfeit parts and continue to carry out many real-time tests. The results of comparisons between the functionality of genuine parts and the imitations get posted on channels like YouTube. For instance, the driving efficiency of fake components reduces making the car’s performance to be slow. In real-life situations, the vehicle can crash to other oncoming cars or even road users. The test videos reveal the way the copy component versions exhibit reduced durability levels unlike the original. In the end, if you fail to notice any issue immediately the car’s system becomes defective and finally lead to the onset of severe problems.

3. Tracking tools

The manufacturers additionally backup the consumer education approach with the use of latest technology. Also, cooperation with global law execution agencies helps to fight fake spare parts. Buyers can today rely on the provided anti-fake scratch cards which come along with all the products. With this, customers can immediately tell if the purchased spare parts are genuine or not. Although producers sometimes share similar serialization, the tools help many consumers to decipher real from fake easily. The investment helps to build over time trust and reliability to every business.

4.  Accessibility

The other worrying issue and quick way to tell fake part is the ease of availability through internet platforms. Well, the use of the internet has many conveniences to consumers, but the truth is millions of counterfeit products are found here yearly. Nearly several clients pay half the charges of genuine products for such faulty ones thinking it is the best deal ever. The results while on the road are not always pleasing.

Finally, the increase in car repair bills makes several car owners to justify the decision to purchase fake components. The reality is currently, no one is not aware of the potential issues surrounding the use of counterfeit. Besides the safety issues, AutoPlus is keen on providing every consumer with Toyota genuine spare parts Dubai. After all, it is your car to be serviced, and so you have a right to get the best without compromising the quality.

Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

How Auto Spare Parts in Dubai Helps Save Repair Costs

Genuine auto spare parts available at competitive rates with Autoplus Dubai

Every car is as decent as the parts that drive it, so servicing remains a critical part. Vehicle maintenance ensures efficient and reliable running, and it demands knowing details including finding the manufacturer-recommended components. This is the reason the continuous innovations and improvements make you have a peaceful driving time. But since all car owners look to do everything to save some extra bucks, there are things you can keep in mind to lower the servicing costs. Indeed, buying Auto Spare Parts in Dubai plays a vital role in general performance. Read on and find out how this happens.

1. Source for original spare parts

Some car owners do not know the dynamics of randomly buying spare parts. The process does not need any rocket science explanation to make someone understand the necessity of the correct components. The trouble begins following the fact that many people lack time to get the parts personally. The last option usually is to rely on what the mechanics can do leaving you prone to overestimated invoices.

For you to reduce the servicing bills, then get your vehicle’s part number and look for a reliable spares store. Most of the Auto Spare Parts dealers in dealer have a catalog with the right parts for repairs. So, when purchasing always choose the manufacturer-recommended part as these aid in increasing the longevity of your vehicle. The established brands blend well to the harsh climatic and driving conditions.

2. Stick to the Service intervals

One secret from the recommendations from your auto dealer and the makers will save you money. Yes, your owners manual has everything the car needs to continue rolling including part replacements, changes, and inspections. That is the reason it is vital to read and also understand the maintenance schedule and intervals.

Unfortunately, most people never check this information, and it prompted the carmakers to make service reminders. In this way, the annual servicing gets done enabling your vehicle to undergo major checks. Avoiding to overlook the buying of spare parts will save you from the hefty costs in the future. Remember to be careful and not spend money unnecessarily but only follow your maintenance schedule.

3. Get Your Inspection report

Even though several auto spare parts dealers tend to be an expensive choice,  the experts understand your car make and the possible faults it can develop. Dealing with the best one means, you get issued with an inspection report. The mechanical aspects of your vehicle get checked, and ideal advice on the worn and torn parts are given. With this information, the machine will function as expected to leave you to enjoy the uninterrupted rides safely. Identifying even the least issues before it becomes big trouble saves you money by the end.

Why Trust a Unique Partner?

Even if your auto has complex requirements, the vendor of spare parts determines its performance. You need to only partner with the trustable and highly competitive firm. And AutoPlus understands all the customer’s interests at heart and is here to your benefit. Without doubts, it is essential to get Auto Spare Parts in Dubai, and a visit warrants a proper component diagnosis. Reputable shops also provide remedies to get your car to the original perfect condition. So, stop by or call today to get the best you need.

Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

Important Reminders when Driving in Foggy Weather Conditions

Driving under foggy weather can be a daunting task. Fog weather is a challenge even for seasoned drivers. With foggy weather, you face reduced visibility and so it requires you to remain calm and focused on the road at all times. Always remember the wisest driving decision is to avoid being on the road until the fog clears. All the same, circumstances may force you to be on the road or the foggy weather may catch you while already on the road. Use this advice to navigate safety when driving in foggy conditions.

Slow down – Speeding when there is fog is extremely dangerous. When you slow down you can take your time to see where you are going, react to traffic stops, and identify other hazards on the road. If visibility is severely impaired, look for a safe location to park and wait for conditions to improve. When parking or when you park, keep the hazard lights on so that other drivers do not run into you by mistake.

Leave enough room between you and the car in front of you – When visibility is poor, emergency breaking is bound to occur. If you are too close to the other driver and he or she breaks suddenly, you may not have enough time to react.

Use windshield wipers and defrosters effectively – The moist from your car and the ice or cold outside causes a blur on your windshield. Keep the wipers and defrosters running as you drive to clear the moist and ice to enhance visibility.

Turn the heater on – The fog outside often leads to condensation on the inside. When it is foggy, the condensation occurs without a warning. Put on the heater especially the de-misting function to ensure that your windshield is clear all the time. You should check if your heated rear window is also on.

Avoid high beams – Don’t use high-beam headlights when there is fog. Fog is made up of tiny droplets that spread out and create a reflection. Low beams allow the other drivers to see you better and prevent you from burning the eyes of the other drivers. Make sure the taillights are on so that other drivers can see you clearly.

Don’t try to use the lights of the vehicle ahead as your guide – Focusing too much on the vehicle in front can limit your landscape. You may miss other things of the road because of following a narrow patch in front of you.

Remain focused – Resist the urge to start multitasking just because you are slowing down during foggy weather. Keep out all distractions, turn down the radio, and halt all conversations with the other passengers. Keep your focus on the road and roll the windows down to listen to other drivers on the road.

Don’t forget the road conditions – When there is fog, it creates a coating of damp, moist layer on almost everything. This means the road surface is also coated. Drive slowly and calmly because you will not get anywhere trying to over speed.

The most important advice is to use your lights appropriately. If your headlights are not working properly or your fog lights are not okay get in touch with Auto Plus Dubai for genuine auto parts.

Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

Tips on How to Properly Wash Your Car

Do you know how to wash your car properly? Washing your car should be done properly to avoid damaging the paint. Poor washing of your car can lead to unsightly swirls and scratches that may require extra money to have it fixed.

Choosing the Right Car Cleaner

You may be tempted to use your dish washing detergents to wash your car. But these are designed to clean fat and vegetable fat from fired pots. These are strong products that would not be suitable for your car because they can damage the paint. Go for quality car washing cleaners or shampoos that are pH controlled. The right car cleaner are also incorporated with gloss enhancers and some even contain some water-soluble wax. You don’t have to use excessive shampoo. Use just enough to remove the ionic bond created between the dirt and your vehicle.

The Right Washing Tools

Your car needs a soft material to remove the dirt. You will find sponges, wash mitt, or a wash pad effective for washing your car. Grit is often effective because it is neither hard nor too soft. If you are worried the wash grit is hard, remember there are a variety. You can choose lamb wool, microfiber, synthetic wool, or cotton chenille. Lamb wool is softer than cotton but despite your choice, ensure that it is not rough.

Cleaning the Body

Use a gentle spray on the body of your car. Spray evenly on every part of the car from top to bottom. When the spray is evenly distributed, wet the car and use a sponge or grit to wash each section. After washing one part of the car rinse before moving to the next part. This ensures that the spray does not dry on the paint that could cause damage later on. When you finish with the body, don’t forget the wheels.

Washing Your Wheels

Have you used wheel cleaners? Don’t clean your wheels the way you clean the body of your car. Apply or spray some wheel cleaner on the dry area of the wheel. Spread the wheel cleaner evenly using a cloth or sponge. Ensure that you smooth out any drips and runs to get an even coating. Let the wheel rest for about 3-5 minutes and then use the cloth to clean thoroughly. If some of the parts still have dirt lodge, use a soft brush and clean gently. When all dirt has come off, rinse well with water and dry the wheels. Once the wheels are done, you are ready to dry your car.

Drying Your Car

Drying your car should not be ignored. It helps ensure that the car dries in an even manner. The best way to dry the car is using a 100% cotton cloth or towel to avoid scratching the car. You can also use chamois. But ensure that you choose natural and not synthetic chamois. Whichever your choice, begin from top to bottom just as when you did while cleaning the body. Be gentle when laying the towel on the surface of the car. Also, make sure that the towel or cloth is clean to avoid re-depositing the dirt on your wet car. Washing your car is not complicated. Use these tips to ensure you wash your car the right way and maintain its original shine all the time.

Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

Top Considerations When Buying Lexus Genuine Spare Parts Dubai

Many car owners often wonder why the auto service providers recommend original spare parts. Some think maybe the companies are promoting the businesses and others fail to understand it. The truth is such products are designed specifically for the vehicles to make the engine run perfectly. But of course, no machine maintains the original look forever. As a result, every car buyer gets the guarantee of looking for a replacement over time to avoid costly repairs. When such a need arises, you must ensure you choose Lexus Genuine Spare Parts Dubai. Here is some useful tips t help in the due diligence.

1.Research and Compare Prices

Parts shoppers need to avoid spending more than the set budget. Before purchasing look out to the sites that provide a database of auto part manufacturers and sellers. The internet is an ideal source of information, but in-depth due diligence will help you avoid feeling sucked. With this, you are getting to the successful phase of your search to what your vehicle deserves. From here you will get a clear picture of the local market’s rates and pay attention to listed stores delivery time. You need to compare and find the right and affordable components to guarantee money back.

2. Confirm Warranty and Offers

Lexus needs genuine spare parts, so ensure your purchase comes with a warranty. Whether you source the products online or from a local store, check if you will get the after sales services. Some packages have manufacturers defects, or issues emerge during installation. With the guarantee, you will receive an unpaid replacement and technical assistance. Lexus Genuine Spare Parts are necessary for proper repairs and also ensure the vehicle runs as it should. Whenever you are hunting for parts only end your search where there is everything that will leave your car in top performing condition.

3. Verify The Information and Source Of Needed Parts

Money worth is a paramount thing for any purchase even from reliable sources. So, contact the dealer to check the availability of your exact part numbers before placing an order. Failure to confirm the details is grief made by you as the products delivered may not fit your Lexus. As a car owner, you must have learned that the design of all vehicle components is unique to specific engines and support elements. So like other products, take time to ask about the products to avoid getting forced to the wrong items.

Where Should You Buy Lexus Genuine Spare Parts?

Sometimes the information available online is not convincing enough to help you decide quick. Visiting a dealer will help you find the parts at reasonable prices and also offer necessary support. AutoPlus Dubai offers such superior craftsmanship to care and attend to your Lexus needs. The range of back up accessories in the store will make you leave confident and ready for safety on the road. Of course, you will find authentic parts that are compatible with your vehicle. Whether you need this for regular maintenance on your new machine or repairing the old car, you will sure get the exact product. the support from the team will make certain and thus fast decision making.

Saturday, February 16th, 2019

The Benefits Of Buying Renault Genuine Spare Parts Dubai

The innovations in the motor industry have increased the global population’s trend of buying cars. Without doubts, the shared expense encountered by every owner is maintenance costs. Indeed, the machine’s engine runs regularly making some parts need replacements over time. The cost aspect, however, makes many people opt for cheap spare parts over the genuine ones. Although the choice is an alternative, the fact is it is an added problem in the end. You need to entrust the maintenance by buying Renault Genuine Spare Parts Dubai. Read on and find out the benefits of such solutions.

1. Safety and Quality

One reason for maintaining your Renault is for personal and environmental protection. Buying genuine spare parts guarantees the joy of having the right quality and tested products. Yes, using the counterfeit parts will in the end damage and lower your car’s quality and functioning. The designed products available in the Dubai market will retain its good condition over time. You will also get excellent performance which leaves you, the other car users and the environment safe.

2. Value for money

Every purchaser expects longlasting profits from the investments made. Considering Renault genuine spare parts, Dubai will sure provide the benefits. Even though the initial purchase of the original ones is expensive, you better choose this for the real benefits. The materials used are capable of making you prevent potential accidents on the road. Although the cheap alternatives perform the same role to genuine ones, it will not last long. In the end, you will discover damages on the supporting parts which are dangerous.

3. Get Durable parts

The best thing about Renault genuine spare parts Dubai is the recognized long lasting period. Many car owners admit that some parts need sooner changing than others, but original products maintain the conditions. In this way, you reduce vehicle downtime while enjoying the enhanced performance. Besides, you will not waste time repairing or have to stop your machine every time. So, buying longlasting parts is essential to minimize quick and easy wearing out. You can never compare the time and value you receive to what the false ones take.

4. Warranty and Service

Never overlook the truth that cars need maintenance at some point. But you will not have time every day to schedule for repairing the machine. If you look to use the car for long without any frustrating breakdowns, then go for only the best. One thing you will love about Renault genuine spare parts is the accompanying guarantee from the manufacturer. Yes, your purchase offers you access to suppliers support team which lacks in the black market. Besides, all your questions will get answered by people who understand the parts well. In most instances, the defected or damaged shipments get replaced for free.

Finally, sticking to a budget is essential, but regarding your car parts, ensure you use genuine ones. Cheap alternatives damage your supporting elements and turn out to be costly, and not beneficial. If you look to replace parts, choose Renault genuine spare parts Dubai from authorized and known manufacturers.

The validity and quality of the products at AutoPlus Dubai will maintain the condition of your car without compromising performance and safety. Besides, the design of the items has a warranty alongside the dealer guarantee of extended running life.

Saturday, February 16th, 2019