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Scrap Business License-Which one is required in Dubai for Scrap Business?

As a business investor, it is a general rule of thumb to obtain a business trading license in any country you’re conducting your business activities. And, the UAE is not exceptional. Therefore, just like any other business, you must have a valid business license. When you want to start a scrap metal business in Dubai, having a scrap business license is mandatory. However, which scrap business license is required in Dubai for the scrap metal business.

A local license can help you carry out your scrap business activities in Dubai. Usually, the Dubai Department of Economic Development is the body responsible for issuing a local license in the UAE. Nonetheless, getting a local license in Dubai comes with certain policies whereby you must have a local sponsor who will later have fifty-one percent of the company’s share.

Luckily, Dubai allows investors to apply for a trading license in their preferred zones in the UAE. So, you can opt to apply for a free zone license that comes with lots of benefits to the investors. For instance, having a free zone scrap business license accords you full ownership of your scrap metal business in Dubai.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to having full ownership of your business in Dubai, then a free zone scrap business license got you covered. Additionally, it might not be easy to get a scrap business license in the UAE, especially if you are a startup business setup in the country. The UAE usually has some set business rules everyone in Dubai needs to adhere to when starting a business in Dubai.

Thanks to the business setup consultant in Dubai who uses their professionalism to help business investors to set up their business amicably in UAE. Therefore, you can consult with municipal authorities in UAE and get the relevant documents needed to obtain your scrap metal business license in Dubai.

Similarly, a municipal Corporation License, shop, and establishment license is among the primary license every business setup can apply for. And, probably a scrap business may need one if the country you are in permits such kind of license. Also, the type of license required for a scrap business might depend on the country you’re going to launch your business.

In India, a license is not an important document to run a scrap business even though it is legal to have it. Scrap Market in Dubai In the UK, you must have a license. Meaning, you must get an environmental permit in the country which usually takes approximately 10- 15 days, depending on the genre of waste you’ll be dealing with. The environmental permit will guide you on how to handle your waste, in case, they are more hazardous.

That’s said; the type of license to have will solely depend on the country you’re going to open your scrap business. However, Dubai encourages scrap business owners to apply for a local license which can be retrieved from the Dubai Department of Economic Development.

To get detailed information about scrap business licenses in Dubai, we’ve documented some of the most frequently asked questions by scrap business owners. They include;

  1. How to apply for the scrap license
  2. How to register a scrap company?
  3. Do you need a license for scrap metal

How to Apply for the Scrap Business License


Getting any business license in any country might be a pain in the neck if you don’t follow the right procedures to obtain your license. Typically, based on the country you are opening your business, you need to submit documents as requested by the bodies dealing with license-related issues.

Submitting correct documents will help you obtain your trading license within the duration stipulated by the organizing bodies in the scrap field. Likewise, a delay for your business license might be evident when you fill or submit incorrect data.

So, if you want to apply for a scrap business trading license, check the list of data you’ll be required when applying for a scrap business license.

  • The type of license you are applying for. For instance ( a site license or a collector’s license)
  • The name of your scrap business
  • Provide any relevant permit you hold
  • Information about the prospective license holder
  • Business address
  • Telephone number

Primarily, when applying for a Scrap Metal Business in Dubai, you’ll be given a form with the above details. So, as a scrap business owner, ensure you fill every part that you are supposed to fill. For instance, In case, you are operating a site scrap business and not a collector’s business, fill in the details related to the site license.

The government will provide you with a form having both the collector’s details and the site license information. Be cautious not to tamper with your information when filling in your scrap trade license business form.

However, before you apply for a scrap business license, you must meet the following requirements.

  1. Be a holder of a Scrap Metal Dealer Association Membership certificate and number
  2. Must have a Business Registration Certificate
  3. Have a Tax Compliance Certificate
  4. Lease agreement/ Plot Title
  5. Must have a business permit
  6. Have all director’s information such as certificate of good conduct and KRA pin.

How to Register a Scrap Company?

Scrap Business License

Typically, you can register your company easily as long as you have all the company’s details. Nowadays, this can be done online or visit the authorities in charge of scrap business licenses in Dubai.

Therefore, the following steps will help you get your scrap business in Dubai registered.

Step 1; Ensure you comply with the pre-requisites information

Step 2; Register an account

Step 3; Open your account by logging in with your information

Step 4; Fill in every detail of your company’s profile

Step five; Select your preferred license and apply

Step six: Submit the application form

Step 7; Pay and upload payment details

Step 8; Download and print your scrap business certificate

Do you need a license for scrap metal?

Yes, as a business scrap dealer, you must have a scrap metal trading license. This is documented even in the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013. Therefore, it is prudent to have a scrap business license to conduct your scrap business activities in any country you’ll be launching your business.

Final Thoughts

A business permit is an essential document every business investor must-have for the success of their business. Therefore, if you want to start a scrap business in Dubai, you can obtain a local business license from the Dubai Department of Economic Development.

Get your scrap business in Dubai to a higher level by having a valid scrap business license.

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